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A quick side-note: Hi, friends! We’re starting a new series for the adventurer called “Where to next?”. Through these collections of blog posts we’ll be sharing photos and videos from our adventures around the world. We hope this ‘travel journal’ will inspire you to explore more! 


First official adventure in the journal: Kauai, Hawaii. This was my first time on the island, and needless to say I loved it. I’ve traveled to all the islands in Hawaii multiple times but Kauai, made a huge impression on me; it’s genuinely so unique from the other islands. I didn’t add any clips of it in the video, but it rained basically the whole time during our stay, which was a week. Of course, it was it was tropical rain, but no complaints, it was beautiful. There’s nothing like falling asleep to the sound of the ocean and rain. Everyday the rain would be on and off but my family and I explored the island anyway. The villa that we were staying at sat right on a private beach which was fantastic since I made it my goal to get tan during the time we went, in August. I was able to go fry myself whenever I wished.

We spent mornings walking on the beach, and making our own breakfast (homemade yogurt bowls for the win!) while sitting on the balcony over looking the waves. Throughout the week we visited the usual tourist stops: Waimea Canyon, Napoli Coast State Park (one of my favorite parts of the trip, if you ever plan a trip to Kauai you must hike there!), Tunnels Beach, and Wailua Falls. In addition, the whole family wanted to go kayaking on the river so we made it a task to do so. We spent 2 hours rowing through the peaceful waters of the Hanalei River which by the way, was a killer workout for the arms.

One of the more special parts of this trip was the helicopter ride throughout the whole island of Kauai. I could of made a whole video with the clips I took from the ride, the scenery honestly left me speechless. We flew above the Napoli ocean coast line, into the green jungles (one of which was a filming location for Jurassic Park), swerved next to running waterfalls, and soared over the red canyons of Waimea. It was incredible. Definitely a memory that I will always remember. I saved the best detail for last; the food! I never thought Kauai would impress me with their cuisine, but I actually ended up making a list of all the places to went to haha. From fresh acai bowls, to amazing Hawaiian- grown burgers, to creamy macadamia nut ice cream, – interestingly the tacos are what left me drooling. Best. Tacos. Ever.

While exploring the island, I thought it would be cool to make a video with my gopro, so here it is.

“For the Lord is the great God, the great King above all gods. In his hand are the depths of the earth,
and the mountain peaks belong to him. The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land.” -Psalm 95:3-5 

VIDEO: Shot with Go Pro HERO4 Silver

Music: “Let it Go” James Bay (Bearson Remix)





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