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Good day, fellow Disney lovers! Any Disneyland fans out there? I, for one, love to go inside the parks and see what’s new down here in Southern California. Whether you have an Annual Pass or not, and are planning a day at Disney sometime this Summer, we have a few essentials you’ll need to have a magical, momentous trip. It’s always good to bring a day bag to Disney, especially if you plan on spending more than a couple hours in the park. Make sure you have a backpack that’s big enough to pack what you’ll need- snacks, jackets, ponchos, etc. My backpack is from Urban Outfitters, and I just attached a couple of Disney pins onto it to give it some extra flair.



Phone & Charger: This is so important- especially if you’re in the park with a large group. You always want to have a phone on you because the park is so big, and you don’t want you and your party to get lost. TIP: Always establish a meeting place in case anyone gets lost. For me and my family, it was always the Walt and Mickey Statue at the end of Main Street USA. And a portable charger is always a must. They’ve actually started selling some portable chargers in the park, so definitely check that out if you don’t have them already, and they’re the type of chargers that once you use it and it’s all out of battery, you return it to the store at Disney and they give you a new one- fully charged. How awesome is that? Here’s the link for more info.

Sunscreen: I cannot overemphasize how crucial this is, especially tourists who aren’t used to the California sun. Get a powerful sunscreen, because those long waits in outdoor lines tend to turn me pink. I also suggest getting a little bag to put your sunscreen in. That way, if it leaks, it won’t get on anything else in your bag.

Plastic Sandwich Bags: These are perfect for those who are bringing in snacks, or even if you want to buy food in the park, and want to save some for later. I do this all the time. I always buy tubs of popcorn, and you can’t bring food on rides unless they’re in a sealed container, so I bring these sandwich bags and I’m all set to eat my popcorn throughout the rest of the day.

Polaroid Camera: Now this isn’t necessarily a necessity, but it’s so fun to bring and have a photoshoot of your own!

Ears: Where else can you wear Mickey ears or Monsters Inc. hats? This is the perfect time to grab those homemade ears (or those like mine that I bought in the park) and wear them around everywhere! Although the ears in the park are wonderful, I suggest checking out some Etsy shops that specialize in personalized ears. So many fantastic artists create these amazing variation of ears that have a bit more flair and personality. One of my personal favorites is the sunflower ears from  Two Ears and a Bow.

Hand Sanitizer: Yes, that’s right. Hand Sanitizer is a must have in the park- especially when you’re on rides all day (pulling down on those lap bars and buckling those seat belts ?). It’s always a good idea to have some of this on you before you eat those churros and dole whips.

Poncho: If you’re a Splash Mountain fan, this one’s for you. I have friends that specifically choose not to ride Splash Mountain or Grizzly Rapids because they don’t want to get drenched. That’s why it’s always a good idea to bring a poncho, and if you don’t want to buy one in the park, grab a large plastic shopping bag from one of the stores and poke some arm holes in it. Seriously, this works great. Try it out!

Refillable Water Bottle: When it gets hot out, it can get spendy to buy water bottle after water bottle. Be sure to bring a sturdy water bottle. Disney’s great about providing lots of water fountains all around the park.

So that’s it- a breakdown of what’s in my Disney bag, along with some tips and tricks on what to bring on your next Disney adventure. Comment down below and tell us some of your must-haves when it comes to packing for a day at Disneyland. ?


I'm Sam; blog team lead, PNW native and recent film school graduate. I am a creative- or more specifically, a storyteller- which means lots of late nights thinking deep (or not so deep) thoughts and just trying to learn something new everyday- even if it seems monotonous or dull. I absolutely love old films and stupid puns- basically anything off the humor boards on Pinterest. More than that, I love people and am passionate about storytelling.

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