What's In My Bag – Travel Edition


Last month our team traveled to Florida to gather content for our new Disney Instagram account (@PixieDarlings) and we took this Birksun Backpack along with us. We were happily surprised to see that it counts as a Personal Item on the plane and not a Carry – On which gave us ample room for traveling! This backpack has a solar panel built in that charges your phone so it is PERFECT for traveling (and for Disney)!


Our whole team works in social media and we’re all creatives so we tend to be on our phones pretty often. It doesn’t take long for our batteries to run out, especially when we’re on the go. It was a nice change of pace being able to travel while our phones were charging. This backpack also has so much space and so many pockets for everything including a built-in laptop sleeve!


It was perfect for both the plane ride and for our Disney outing! For the plane here’s what I had in the backpack;


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