What to Wear for a Job Interview

Summer is quickly approaching and that means we are amidst the season of college graduations! YAY! This can be an exciting (and completely nerve-wracking) time for those who have this newly found sense of adulthood. With the handing of a diploma comes the responsibility of the next step: finding a job. When it comes to applying for jobs, there are plenty of advice blogs to help you nail the interview, but what about that ever so pressing question: what in the heck do I wear to a job interview?? So, let me take a quick moment to walk you through my picks on what to wear for a job interview so that you can worry less about how you look and spend more time thinking about how you are going to rock their socks with who you are!

 The Corporate Girl

Each job interview is going to look completely different. For some, it might be completely inappropriate to wear jeans because of its professional nature but for others, you might look out of place because you are wearing more businessy attire. My biggest tip would be to do your research. Yes. research for fashion, it’s a thing. haha

Look into the company or person you are applying for and make sure your personal presentation somewhat reflects their branding. For example, if it is a more corporate culture, I would suggest ditching the jeans and going for a more pantsuit look, like the one above.  This pink blazer adds a touch of femininity and dresses any shirt up. I got it from Forever 21!  Also, if you notice that the business has a certain aesthetic, then try to go for that kind of look in clothing. If the company has more neutral toned branding, go with neutrals. Basically, just make sure that how you present yourself is in line with who they are, while still keeping your own personal style!

The Trendy Girl

This outfit is probably my favorite of the bunch. It is so simple and trendy, yet timeless and professional. All I did was pair an oversized button up with an oversized white blazer, threw on some gray toned jeans, and added a pattern with these adorable embroidered heels. Now, of course, this would not work for every job interview, but for a more casual setting, I think it is the perfect balance of fun & functional. The shoes are from Marshalls (under $30!!!) and the blazer is also from Forever 21.

The Girly Girl

Who doesn’t love a good polka dotted blouse?? This cute and girly top is from the Elle Magazine collection at Kohl’s and just screams “I am a working woman!”. Lol, but seriously. It is a beautiful material that definitely feels like quality. I would recommend checking out their collection because it is exactly what any 20-year-oldd needs to start transitioning into a more mature wardrobe! Also, THIS WATCH. Arvo kills it every time.

I hope this outfit inspiration gives you a little piece of mind in this crazy time. The transition to being a working woman is stressful enough, the wardrobe should be the best/easiest part! If you recreate any of these looks for an interview, send us a picture by tagging @gracebelle and #GraceBelleCommunity!

Hello, pretty things! I am currently a senior at Biola University where I am graduating in May (YIKES) with a Bachelors degree in Public Relations. Originally, I grew up in a super small farm town in Central California. Literally cows and corn everywhere. I came to the LA area in hopes of pursuing a career in beauty PR. It is my dream to work as an event coordinator/media relations professional for any major cosmetic line. I am OBSESSED with all things makeup, dance, Disney, fashion, coffee, and (most importantly) Jesus. I am always on social media and love how a multitude of blogs can focus on similar topics but at the same time have completely different aesthetics, vibes, and identities.

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