Treat A Friend

How often do we see things in the store and think, “oh wouldn’t Renee just love that?” This happens when you begin to see the world the way your best friend does. Often I think, what could I do to brighten their day. Aren’t there days we just need a little extra sunshine? So I was thinking, how can we spread that sunshine with our favorite people?
Here are a few items that you could treat your bestie to remind them how special they are to you.

For the Baking Queen: We all have those friends that are the fairy Godmothers in the kitchen. They can whip together anything and make it taste amazing. What better way to show them you care than treating them with the cutest apron. Now they are inspired to bake even more. Maybe they will even share their latest creations with you.

For the Beauty Guru: I know you have the one friend who always has their life together, or at least their outfit. These friends love to spend time on their appearance, whether its beauty, fashion or skincare. This hair mist is a great addition to their beauty collection and every time they use it, they think of you!


For the Authoress: Aren’t we always inspired by our friends who can so poetically express their thoughts and feelings? Often we will find them in the corner of a coffee shop with pen in hand journaling their latest ideas. These adorable journals will inspire their creativity and help them launch their dreams.


Depending on your bestie’s style, interests and hobbies, here are a few Anthropologie favorites to inspire you. I challenge you, how can you show kindness to those around you this week?


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