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It’s that time of the year! Sunset picnics complete with sparkling water, chocolate covered strawberries, and dinner with a view. For this week in our Food Flowers Friends campaign, we’re focusing in on everything food and what it means to share a meal. Gathering together over food is such an intimate gesture, and we’ve realized that we don’t do it as often as we should. A picnic is the perfect way share some yummy treats and to create a simple yet beautiful space to take pictures, and why not add Trader Joe’s into the mix? It’s are go-to place for snacks! Here’s what to get for your next picnic. And keep reading until the end to catch our FIRST CHALLENGE for this campaign! 😍


For the menu we decided to go with the traditional picnic fare. We didn’t have time to make anything from scratch, so we picked up a few essentials at our local Trader Joe’s. First up – grapes. We decided to get two types: a bag of seedless green grapes and a box of the grape medley. They’re the sweetest addition to any cheese plate.

So many cheeses to choose from! Where to begin? This may have been the most difficult decision we encountered on our entire trip to the grocery store. We picked up Dutch smoked cheese, a box of crackers, and a baguette.

We are OBSESSED with Trader Joe’s guacamole. It comes pre-made, but that does not mean it compromises flavor. It is absolutely delicious! We made sure to pick up a box of that, as well as TJ’s restaurant style tortilla chips. These chips are so tasty – they even have a hint of lime. What’s a picnic without salami? So we snagged some Citterio salami.

On our last walk around the store, we grabbed our favorite caesar salad, a bouquet of flowers, and a box of Spindrift sparkling water. It was our first time trying Spindrift, and it did not disappoint. Not only is the packaging adorable, but it’s that perfect refreshment for a hot Southern California spring day.

Location, location, location! You can have a picnic pretty much anywhere, but Southern California’s gem is by far its beaches. We found a scenic overlook, laid out a blanket, and added some finishing touches to our picnic feast: mason jars, a wooden cheese board, a wicker picnic basket, and tea towels. These little details make for a special occasion. We had such a relaxing time enjoying one another’s company, sharing some delicious treats, and admiring the stunning coastline around us. This is exactly what we needed.


The heart of this campaign is creating meaningful relationships – spending that quality time with someone else without distraction. For week one of this campaign, we’re focusing on what it means to break bread and share a meal. It’s not necessarily about the meal itself, but it’s about the conversations that take place around the meal. For this week’s challenge, go share a meal with someone you don’t know – or at least, don’t know very well. Ask them out for a casual dinner or brunch – or a picnic! Get to know them.

Be sure to tag us with #FoodFriendsFlowers. We would LOVE to share stories and connect. There are lots more exciting things ahead in this campaign, friends. Stay tuned! 🍉🌼👯


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