Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends

Can you even believe that SPRING 2017 is almost upon us?? It seems like just yesterday I was buying scarves and coats to bundle up for winter 2016 (lol because I live in Southern California so heavy coats don’t actually exist). Anyway, we can’t deny it anymore, spring is upon us and that means a whole new wave of fashion gurus telling us what we must have. *cue mini freakout. To prep for this upcoming season, I decided to give you guys a rundown of what is being hyped up as the top 5 fashion trends this spring. So grab a Starbucks and maybe bust out your credit card, cause it’s time to shop ?

So little tiny disclaimer for this post… I have always been one of those fashion lovers who was too afraid to step out of the box when it came to new trends. If I saw something on someone else, I would admire from afar but was always too timid to test out the trend on my own wardrobe. This was especially the case when it came to trends from the runway. I mean growing up don’t you remember laughing at the crazy stuff you saw models wear in the name of fashion? I definitely do. But as I have gotten older I realize the beauty of fashion is this: it is completely your own. No two people have the same definition as to what “fashion” is, and that is what makes it an art! Someone can see a trend and take their vision for that trend in a completely different direction than the next person. So when it comes to the trends listed below, HAVE FUN! Mix up the trends into some of your already existing style tips and make it your own. This is what makes fashion fun, and what inspires others around you to live out their style the way they see fit.



One of the biggest growing trends presented for the spring lines during NYFW was by far the off-the-shoulder look. This simple detailing can add such a difference in the appearance of an outfit. It can take a look from day to nighttime and instantly adds a little hint of flirtiness. Off-the-shoulder tops are easy to run into, but it is the outfit pairing that really makes the top shine. These blouses are the perfect staple pieces in a wardrobe because of their fun but wearable elements. Don’t let them scare you!

Here is a simple but spunky off-the-shoulder bodysuit I picked up from Zara.



Trust me when I say, this trend was the one I was most surprised I liked. I never would have guessed that this relaxed yet chic look would appeal to me but I have to say that I am LOVING it! These kinds of shirts go incredibly well with any type of jeans with your cutest athletic shoes, or you can dress it up with a skirt and some pumps. It is a staple & simple shirt that every girl can style to match her personality. Stripped banker versions of this shirt are extremely popular this season and everyone can appreciate how cozy these oversized tops are!

Here is an example of a stripped banker shirt from Banana Republic, or I got mine from H&M.



April showers brings May flowers is very applicable to this next spring trend. ?Khaki is back and better than ever. Long, luxurious trench coats are perfect for those slightly chilly, rainy days and are giving me some serious Audrey Hepburn vibes. Khaki is everywhere now because of the wave of neutral love that started in early 2016 and has not backed down yet. I can definitely jump on board with these neutral tones!

Here is a great deal from ILY Couture for the cutest khaki trench coat –>(which is a brand started by another blogger @hellofashionblog, so definitely check it out!)



That’s right fam, athleisure (athletic + leisure wear) is not slowing down anytime soon. This trend started a couple years ago and ever since designers such as Yeezy, Victoria Secret, Zara & Forever 21 have all jumped on the bandwagon for this insanely hyped fashion statement. This has got to be hands down my favorite fashion trend in 2017. Cozy clothes that are practical & fashionable?? Zara is launching a new campaign in 2017 that centers around an edgy “ballerina after the ballet” vibe that screams athleisure. I am all in for this one & it hasn’t even released yet. ?

Check out the Zara campaign video here & leave a comment telling me your take on this fresh approach! The brands I am wearing here are H&M (vest), Lululemon (yoga pants), Adidas (shoes), & Disney (hat).



I added these last two trends together because it just made sense. Both pastels on their own, and florals are always a huge spring fashion trend but it seems like this season it is taking over even more heavily. I mean, have you walked into a Forever 21 lately? Their latest collections include matching pastel track suits and color blocking heaven.

Here is an adorable floral/pastel dress from Forever 21 that is an absolute must this spring.

So there you have it, the top 5 spring 2017 fashion trends so that are guaranteed to leave you feeling ?.

Make sure to leave a comment below of which picks were your favorite and let us know if you end up buying any of these items. We would love to see your recreations!

Hello, pretty things! I am currently a senior at Biola University where I am graduating in May (YIKES) with a Bachelors degree in Public Relations. Originally, I grew up in a super small farm town in Central California. Literally cows and corn everywhere. I came to the LA area in hopes of pursuing a career in beauty PR. It is my dream to work as an event coordinator/media relations professional for any major cosmetic line. I am OBSESSED with all things makeup, dance, Disney, fashion, coffee, and (most importantly) Jesus. I am always on social media and love how a multitude of blogs can focus on similar topics but at the same time have completely different aesthetics, vibes, and identities.

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