Top 5 Disneyland Photo Locations

Disneyland is absolutely one of our favorite places to visit. As Annual Pass holders, we often find ourselves taking day trips or even visiting The Happiest Place on Earth for just a couple hours – just to celebrate the magic. One of the reasons we are so passionate about the park is because we are obsessed with photography, and what better place to snap some creative, colorful pictures for Instagram? Disneyland is the perfect place to express your creativity and really hone in on your photography skills. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to start our sister account, Pixie Darlings, which is solely dedicated to Disneyland photography. We decided to make Disneyland one of our main sources of inspiration, and there are specific locations in the parks that are away from the crowds and still are excellent spots to take photos. From the Small World Wall to Main Street USA, here are our top five Disneyland photo locations that are the perfect backdrop for your next trip with your friends.

Small World Wall

This is a given. This pale, robin egg blue wall is known far and wide across the internet as an ‘Instaworthy’ photo locale. With all the pictures we see on Instagram of this place, you’d think there would be a long line of girls wearing Mickey ears, toting their camera, waiting anxiously for a picture. We are always surprised that the wall is rarely busy. Be sure to check it out!

LOCATION: It’s located across the street from It’s A Small World.

Toontown Gazebo

For years we avoided Toontown because we believed it to be a chaotic place full of energetic tots racing around the land to greet Goofy. It wasn’t until recently that we rediscovered this colorful land – the land that toons like Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit call home. Toontown isn’t nearly as busy as it used to be, and the bizarre shapes of the buildings and hills make everything look straight out of a cartoon movie. Our favorite place in Toontown to take pictures is the gazebo in town square. It’s covered and almost always empty. It’s a perfect place to keep out of the sun and take some pictures, with the rolling green cartoon hills hovering in the distance.

LOCATION: In Toontown, in the middle of the square

Mainstreet USA Flower Cart

As the entrance to the park, Mainstreet USA always proves to be a bustling area. Depending on the time of day, the footpath can be filled to the brim with Disney goers and eager characters to greet them. Pretty much all of the street is photogenic and beautifully styled as a turn of the century Americana town. In fact, the street was actually patterned after Walt Disney’s hometown of Marceline, Missouri. One of our favorite places to relax and take photos is the slightly hidden alcove located right next to Starbucks. It’s tradition: we enter the park, grab an iced coffee, and head over to the alcove and snap some photos of our drink in front of the gorgeous flower cart. The decor for the area changes with the seasons, and with it, the flowers. It’s such a great place to notice and appreciate the details that Disney puts into their parks, witnessed in this small scale.

LOCATION: On Mainstreet USA, right outside of the Starbucks

Flo’s V8 Cafe

Now, we can’t forget about Disney’s California Adventure park. This park is home to Hollywood Land, Paradise Pier (soon to be Pixar Pier) and Carsland. Perhaps our favorite place in the entire park is Carsland. It’s colorful, there’s neon lights that turn on at sunset, and happy cars buzz around the block on a regular basis. There is no other place as groovy and gorgeous as Flo’s V8 Cafe. This cafe always plays the most amazing oldies music, and the vintage interior gives it that old diner feel. We can’t help but stop for a photo shoot when we walk by.

LOCATION: In Carsland, across the street from Luigi’s Rollicking Roadsters


Mickey’s Fun Wheel

This is another DCA staple. A huge vintage, pie eye Mickey smiles down from his fun wheel across the bay. The perfect place to take photos is on the boardwalk down by the water. Unlike Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, there’s a lot of space to stretch out and there’s no fear of being in someone else’s photo.

LOCATION: In Paradise Pier (soon to be Pixar Pier) across from Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

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