Top 5 Creative Movies

Top 5 Creative Movies

Who doesn’t love movies? What better way to get in the creative spirit than watching some amazing, artful films? There’s something about film that instills in us a passion and a motivation that no other medium can convey. The combination of visuals and audio create a powerful effect that prompt us to action. In this case, creative action. Here are five films that encourage creativity, dreaming, and always chasing after your passions.


In case you haven’t seen it, this widely popular, Academy Award winning film tells the tale of two artists on their journey to achieve their creative dreams. An actress and a musician by trade, both Mia and Sebastian fall headfirst in love in the seemingly robust, magical locale of Los Angeles, California. Both individuals must juggle the priorities of their blossoming relationship with their own personal artistic callings. It’s a film for dreamers, for struggling artists at the very beginning of their journey, waiting tables, attending audition after audition with no call back, those whose hope is fading from the pressures of rejection. This is the perfect creative film to bolster your spirits.


With this film being directed by Tim Burton, it’s safe to say that it’s predisposed to be a creative flick, as Burton is already so much of an auteur himself. His films all so uniquely represent him and his distinct style. With that said, the film follows the true story of Walter and Margaret Keane. Margaret is an artist in the 50’s and 60’s, creating striking paintings featuring children with big eyes. She later discovers that her husband has been claiming that he himself painted her newly popular works of art. For years she lives in the shadow of her husband and this terrible lie that he is the artist behind the ‘big eyes.’ This film not only focuses on Margaret’s evident artistic ability, but also the courage she must gain in order to face her husband and expose the truth.


Another modern classic directed by Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris is a film about renowned artists, dreams, and our perception of ‘the good old days.” Gil Pender, an America writer with an affinity for the 1920’s, discovers on a trip to Paris that he can travel in time – back to his favorite era – the era of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Gertrude Stein. He rubs elbows with these literary giants, his longtime idols, and believes that the Jazz Age is the far superior than the dull present era. As he delves deeper into this world of glittering parties and endless nights, he meets a woman raised in the Jazz Age that is not satisfied with her current era. She romanticizes the generation before her, passionately desiring to be in any other era than the one she currently resides in. This film explores our perceptions of the past, our tendency to romanticize previous eras, and our constant desire to be anywhere but the present.


This film will definitely make you want to return to the era of silent pictures. The Artist highlights the struggle of actors in the silent era as big production studios made the switch to “talkies” – motion pictures with sound. The film’s protagonist, George Valentin, is one of these struggling actors, who finds himself unable to progress with the production companies. A famous silent picture star, he simply cannot step into the spotlight of any “talkie” films, and discovers that his career is in peril. This film is perfect for the Creative, because it focuses on opportunities forgone, the desperation that comes from changing times, and the need to move forward creatively.


This gorgeous film is helmed by none other than the legendary Wes Anderson himself. An artist with a very distinct, meticulous directorial style, Anderson creates the fictional Republic of Zubrowka as the locale for the Grand Budapest Hotel – a bustling hub of foreign diplomats, wealthy tourists, and hilarious hotel staff. What draws you to this film is the striking visuals. It quickly becomes clear that every shot in this film earns its place. If nothing else, watch this film for the colors.

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