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As a creative, I am always on the hunt for new, creative blogs to get me inspired to start new projects. I’m not a professional artist by any means, but I do love to write, draw, and watercolor paint. I would love to refine these passions, so that my skills increase. The past few weeks I have been searching high and low for inspiring creative blogs, and I was not disappointed. Here’s a list of three blogs that I encourage you creatives out there to follow and read up- there’s lots to see and learn!

A Beautiful Mess

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If you haven’t heard of this dynamic duo and their amazing blog- now’s your chance! Elsie and Emma are sisters that created this women’s lifestyle company to encourage women everywhere to try new things and to get creative. I absolutely love this blog, not just because of the gorgeous photos, but they have a plethora of creative ideas, DIY’s, recipes, and much, much more. One of my favorite sections of their blog is the ‘blogging’ category. They have all sorts of tips and tricks for aspiring bloggers and Instagrammers. As a writer, I appreciate their advice as to how to make your hobby a business. Be sure to check them out!


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Have you heard of Proper? This is one of my most recent finds, and I’m so happy I happened upon it. This amazing blog, created by Lexy Ward, offers so many helpful, fun ideas. The tag line for this blog is, “Living a proper life in an improper fashion.” There’s some delicious recipe ideas, crafty DIY’s, and amazingly colorful photo ideas to get you inspired. I’ve loved checking up on this blog to see what’s new for each season. I’m so excited, now that Summer is around the bend, to see what’s in store- perhaps some Summer recipes or party ideas? We shall see!


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 I cannot emphasize how much I’m in love with this blog. It’s a community of over 300,000 creatives that are sharing their craft. This blog offers multiple courses for aspiring artists to take, so that they can turn their dreams into reality- their art into business. The ideas, featured on the blog, for crafts, DIY’s, tips for the entrepreneur and aspiring business woman- it’s all here! As of late, I have particularly enjoyed the DIY Mother’s Day ideas. Seriously, go check this out! It’s so inspiring.

Be sure to check these blogs out! Let us know if you try anything new- a new DIY project, recipe- anything! We’d love to hear about it. Be apart of the #GraceBelleCommunity today! ?

I'm Sam; blog team lead, PNW native and recent film school graduate. I am a creative- or more specifically, a storyteller- which means lots of late nights thinking deep (or not so deep) thoughts and just trying to learn something new everyday- even if it seems monotonous or dull. I absolutely love old films and stupid puns- basically anything off the humor boards on Pinterest. More than that, I love people and am passionate about storytelling.

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