Tips for a Summer Girl's Night

Summer is the perfect time to relax, unwind, and appreciate the finer things. As the sun keeps us company all day long and the evenings grow longer, we realize how truly special Summer is. To fully appreciate this season, we decided that a cozy Summer night party,complete with laughter and food, is in order. We have all the essentials that you need to in order to have a relaxing girl’s night right outside of your home.

Girls night in

First, an outdoor space to spend the remaining hours of sunlight. This is where you can get really creative. Find a cozy corner in your backyard or patio- or even spot at your local park down the street, that you and your friends can hang in for the remainder of the evening. Bring twinkly lights, lanterns, and blankets to make it extra special. Tip: LED battery-operated lights that you can grab at the store work awesome for outdoor parties. You don’t need electrical outlets, and they stay bright for a long time. As the sun goes down, you can pull out the lights (and the bugspray!) so you and your friends can stay late into the evening.

Second, have a photoshoot. Yes, as cliche as it sounds, a twilight photoshoot with friends is extremely fun and Instagram-worthy. Bring silly props- mustaches, hats, etc. Also- just because the Fourth of July has passed doesn’t mean sparklers aren’t acceptable. Pull out those leftover sparklers and snap some pictures. Bring some polaroids if you have them, for instant pictures that you can hang up with clothespins for decorations. The polaroids also work for a cute guestbook idea- for those larger gatherings. Take pictures of your guests, have them sign it, and you can collect them in a photo album.

Girls night in 2

Next, bring on the food. Yes, a perfect night in isn’t complete without some tasty snacks. The hot days of Summer call for something light and refreshing to our palettes. We love our iced coffee in mason jars and fresh seasonal berries, but something that we especially love to do is have a “parfait bar.” Set out some yogurt or ice cream, with an assortment of fresh berries, granola, and other toppings like nuts and seeds. This way, you can have your own customizable “parfait partay.” Bring out those multi-purpose mason jars to stack your parfait masterpieces in. Tip: When you stack the fruit in a clear jar, they make for perfectly delicious Instagram art. Also- it might be a fun pre-party trip to run to the local berry stand or U-Pick farm to get your own berries.

Lastly, finish the night off with a movie under the stars. Pull out your laptop and watch your favorite Summer, feel-good flicks. You can even bring out some portable speakers and play some music before the movie.

And there you go! You’re all set to have the most perfect Summer night party of your own. So invite some friends over and have fun. Don’t forget to tag us in your posts #GraceBelle – we’d love to see your parties!

I'm Sam; blog team lead, PNW native and recent film school graduate. I am a creative- or more specifically, a storyteller- which means lots of late nights thinking deep (or not so deep) thoughts and just trying to learn something new everyday- even if it seems monotonous or dull. I absolutely love old films and stupid puns- basically anything off the humor boards on Pinterest. More than that, I love people and am passionate about storytelling.

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