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Name: The Pie Hole

Address: 714 Traction Ave Los Angeles, CA 90013 
& 59 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena, CA 91105
& two more locations coming soon

Links: Website ~ Instagram ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Yelp

(1) Chocolate Crostata (2) Moms Apple Crumble (3) Mexican Chocolate (4) Maple Custard (5) Earl Green Tea

Guess the PIE! Can you figure out which pie is what flavor? Here are the 5 options; Earl Grey Tea, Moms Apple Crumble, Maple Custard, Chocolate Crostata, Mexican Chocolate.

Highlight this white text for the answers:

  1. Chocolate Crostata
  2. Moms Apple Crumble
  3. Mexican Chocolate
  4. Maple Custard
  5. Earl Green Tea

Did you get it?


the pie hole

Background Story: It was a lifelong dream of Becky Grasely, the matriarch of TPH. Her son, Matty Heffner, decided to make her dream come true and along with his wife, Lindsay Hollister Heffner, and family friend Sean Brennan, TPH was born in 2011 in the just starting to grow Arts District of DTLA. We wanted to bring back the American Pie Shop using family recipes and focusing on the art of customer service. We wanted to sell Happiness One Slice At A Time.


the pie hole coffee

How You Are Different: The amount of love that goes into our product. No artificial ingredients, made from scratch daily, interesting and unique pies. We strive to make everything on our menu the absolute best thing you’ve ever tasted. And killer coffee to match!


What is the most popular pie you sell and what is the most unique one you have? Earl Grey Tea Pie for the win on both of those! We launched it as an ode to Downton Abbey Season 2 and now it’s the number one thing we sell. We invented the pie. It’s an Earl Grey Tea infused white chocolate mousse with a layer of dark chocolate and topped with whipped cream and salted pistachios. Other shops have tried to copy it, but you can tell ours is the best from the first bite!


The Pie Hole Products

Do you have more than one location? Currently DTLA and Pasadena. Opening up Hollywood and Orange County in March! Soon to be more in the Valley, South LA, Tokyo and Qatar.

our experience

Our Experience: We were looking everywhere for a pie shop due to National Pie Day falling on a Saturday (when we normally recommend places) annnd we found this one. To be honest we never think of pie, when we think dessert we think donuts or BJs Pizookies but pie seems to be neglected in our minds. That might have been the case before tasting the Earl Grey pie, SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!


This place itself is so charming and roomy, if we lived closer we would be in here every day working on the blog, drinking some coffee and trying all the pies. Not guna lie after this photoshoot pie was constantly in conversations, we’re excited to go back. Dienna loveeees mac & cheese and they have a mini mac and cheese savory pie as well. Their menu is pretty big and varies from Savory pies to Sweet ones to “Friends Of Pie” and a full menu of coffee. We’re looking forward to the new location opening in Orange which is closer to us, I have a feeling we’ll be there weekly 😉

Happy National Pie Day

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