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Hello, my name is Kira Gulley and I am the artist behind Antlers+Honey. I hand paint black and white botanical watercolors in a minimalistic style based off my experiences outdoors. From lush forests to ocean shores there is always something that I take away from my trips that inspires me to paint.

Kira Gulley

My heart and soul belong to the outdoors. Nature brings unity into my life that helps ground me and forces me to be connected to the present. Whenever I am out on a hike I find such beauty in the vast landscapes that surround me. Having my sketchbook by my side helps me slow down and appreciate the delicate beauty with each and every step. I find that I am drawn towards the tiny plant life that is intertwined on the trails. I’ll look at the ferns on the forest floors, the pine needles on the tallest trees, or the hidden wildflowers in the dewy meadows. Often I’ll do quick sketches or even photograph the foliage to later turn these inspirations into final pieces of art.

Kira Gulley

Painting from these environments feels completely natural to me and has opened me up to appreciating the smallest details in life. Painting in black and white feels calming and unifying to me. I try to use minimal brush strokes and often allow the watercolor to move organically across the paper to give a real likeness to each leaf and petals. In doing so it has helped me embrace the imperfections in my work and find happiness in the simplicity.

Kira Gulley

Finding inspiration outdoors has pushed me to grow as an artist. It has open me up to see beauty in every living thing that surrounds me. Spending time outdoors leaves me feeling utterly refreshed and completely motivated to create. It is that feeling that I hope to never let go of as each new adventure fills my sketchbook with new works of art.




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Adventurer seeker, artistic soul, and nature lover are just a few of the ways friends and family have described me. Born and raised in sunny California I enjoy spending lots of time outdoors with my sketchbook always by my side. For me nothing beats finding a quiet place in the woods where I can draw and be inspired.

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