The Cookie Element

Company Name: The Cookie Element
Address: 18166 Imperial Hwy, Yorba Linda Ca. 92866
Business Hours: Monday – Thursday 10 -7 // Friday and Saturday 10-9 // Sunday 11-4

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Background Story:
I have loved to bake since I was a little kid. I loved to stand on a chair and mix chocolate cookies alongside my Grandmother when I was a kid. Baking has, throughout my life, been a creative outlet and a way to bring some homemade goodness to my friends and family. After I attended business school, receiving my MBA from Pepperdine University, I dreamed of owning my own small business. We investigated buying many existing businesses and franchises but didn’t find anything we could be passionate about. I had been making cookies for friends and families my entire adult life and it was the one product I really could get behind so we started making a plan literally on a notebook page, and two years later we have a thriving business. I am really loving seeing customers love the cookies that I grew up with and have developed through experimentation over the years.

How & why did you pick your business name?

Michael is a professional scientist so the spin on a scientific concept originated with him. We believe that at its core, baking is chemistry. We combine the experimental nature of science with our love of creative baking to produce high quality specialty treats.


How are you different?

A few things:

1-   The Cookie Element uses only high-quality baking ingredients and techniques. No shortcuts! We bake in small batches daily in order to capture the homemade taste.

2-  We vary our flavors so that there is always something new to try. Customers can always find traditional chocolate chip, but we rotate flavors such as white chocolate blueberry and frosted orange.



What is your best seller?

Our best seller is my grandmother’s chocolate chip recipe. It is followed by vanilla bean and frosted lemon.


What are your future goals?

We would love to become a landmark business in our community that provides consistent high-quality products and a fun environment. We also want to help support local needs. We are currently one of the sponsors of the Yorba Linda Library summer reading program.


Do you have seasonal items and when should we look for them?

We do! We will have delicious pumpkin spice cookies in the Fall and traditional Christmas favorites during the holiday season.


Do you have a Secret Menu Item?

It’s not a secret menu item, but many people don’t know that we can make a hand-crafted ice cream sandwich. Customers choose any two cookie flavors, any ice cream flavor and we build them a sandwich.


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