The Assembly

Company Name: The Assembly
Address: 634 N. Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069
Business Hours: Mon-Sat : 7am – 7pm //  Sun : 8am – 5pm
1) Background Story:
The Assembly is a café, retail and community space with a focus on design, craft and positive change through entrepreneurship. The space is functionally designed to serve as a platform for us to work with vendors, artisans and creatives and to showcase the results: a space created by the community, for the community.
After spending 6 years in the advertising industry, I made the radical decision to embark on a new career path. Taking a page from my grandfather’s book (the owner of a bustling neighborhood coffee shop and general store), I set out to create a space that was functional, inspiring, and which would coherently integrate my passion for design, craft and social entrepreneurship.
The result is The Assembly. Our offerings include the acclaimed Counter Counter Coffee of Durham, NC as well as pastries from local favorite The Larder (*changing to Farmshop effective early April 2016). We also offer various food and beverage items from local vendors such as Donut Snot, FOODLAB, Clover Juice and Letterpress Chocolate. Local artisans have been tapped for much of the design elements in the space, and we feature curated offerings via an on-going collaboration with local retailer Poketo.
2) How & Why did you pick your Business Name?
An “assemblage” and gathering of people and objects!
3) How are you different?
The Assembly, I believe, is different due to our passion for quality, craft and design. The focus is on ensuring that everything we craft or bring into the space reflects that — whether it’s making sure our coffee is always tasting how it should, or if the food we offer is organic, or if the furniture or products we showcase are sourced and chosen after much thought and research.
4) What is your best seller?
Our almond latte (iced and hot) and cold brew are delicious! And of course, the donuts…
5) What are your future goals?
The Assembly has plans to eventually host on-going art installations and creative events such as workshops and artist talks. In effect, we aim to foster community through shared social experience.
We also seek to eventually move closer toward our social entrepreneurship model — a business that is ethically, socially and environmentally responsible in all levels of operation and structure. Simply put, our goal is that by being in business, we are bettering and/or helping other communities, people and businesses (locally or internationally).
6) Do you have seasonal items and when should we look for them? 
Our coffee program reflects a conscious effort to showcase coffee from different regions and farms all over the world, made possible via our exclusive partnership with Counter Culture Coffee. All coffee beans we use and sell are seasonal are dependent on availability and harvest from farms.
7) Do you have a Secret Menu Item?
We have an iced Mint Palmer that isn’t listed on our menu — it’s our in-house lemonade mixed with our Mint tea (with notes of vanilla and grapefruit). I never get sick of it, it’s refreshing even on a cold LA day.
8) Brands you work with;
  • Counter Culture Coffee
  • August Uncommon Tea
  • The Larder (pastries, changing to Farmshop in early April 2016)
  • Donut Snob (donuts every Friday)
  • FOODLAB (sandwiches/salads)
  • Clover Juice
  • Letterpress Chocolate
  • Poketo   (in-store retail)
  • WRF Lab  (ceramics)
  • MyBabyOliveJuice  (glass mugs)
  • MATINE  (online store, leather accessories)
  • Sir/Madam  (online store, home goods)
  • Darling Magazine
  • Kinfolk


Our Experience:

We felt so welcomed as soon as we walked in The Assembly! It’s one of those places you want to hang out every day because it inspires you and you feel at home. They also work with so many other companies so they have a big selection of things to eat, drink or event accessories and little knick knacks. We loved hearing the heart of how it all started and the goals to bring people together in this place. The coffee and food was really good, be warned you WILL want to buy one of everything and try it all haha. OH and these donuts were the best we’ve ever had, so so good.

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