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How It Started …

As we daydreamed about traveling the world we realized something. People from different parts of the world dream of traveling here, to SoCal. We realized there are beautiful places in our own cities that people want to see. We switched our mentality and decided to start exploring our own areas and we were happily surprised to find the most intriguing, delicious, and inspiring places. We will be sharing a new place every Saturday with you. When you happen to be in the area and wonder what to do, you can simply click the map above and see our favorite places. We encourage you to also start seeing your city through tourist eyes and to  #dycGB


Orange County


Grow Coffee + Tea The Camp s&dgicon tea and teacups new icon Gelato the aussie bean new icon new icon

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Los Angeles County


griffith icon The Pie Hole new icon



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Do you have a place that matches one of our 4 Personas and is in OC or LA county? We would love to hear about it and see if we can collaborate.

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