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-Sarah Todoroff-

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1) Please, introduce yourself! We want to get to know you.

Hi! My name is Sarah. I moved from “cement-city” to the sticks, in April, when my husband and I bought our first home. We live on 3.32 acres of rolling, California, golden hills, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It really is paradise, I feel so lucky.

Every day, the definition of, “down and dirty” becomes more and more clear to me and on any given day you will find me with dirt under my fingernails and my durangos on, trompin’ through the tall grass. I have always been a country girl at my core, and at 28 it is becoming my reality.

I love sweet tea and a good beer, but coffee is what gets me through the day. I am a vegetarian (but I love fish…so I guess that makes me a pescatarian??), have an unhealthy obsession with red licorice, am an adventurer and a homebody. I love being on camera, but can’t take a good picture of myself for the life of me. I always make dumb or very weird faces and bend my body is weird shapes thinking I look really cool. I have a FT job, and this business is my creative outlet.

I love The Bachelor and the Bachelorette (#teamluke) and The OC (thank you Hulu). I have long blonde hair (that reaches the small of my back) and I decided this summer to train my head not to need shampoo. I am on week 3 of no shampoo and week 3 of 100+ degrees each day. Not one of my smartest decisions.

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2) We love the way you see the world! Tell us what inspires your photos the most.

I love the organic and simple. I like finding the beauty and spontaneity in life and using beautiful photos to translate in intangible to the tangible. Living the in the country has given me a new view on life; a simple view, one that is not cluttered with the noise of the world. My goal is to translate my view of the world on Instagram, through the use of beautiful, simple photos, and great captions.

3) The Sweetheart persona loves being in good company. What is your favorite memory with your friends?

This may sound really cheesy, so please forgive me, but my husband is my best friend and I love making memories with him. We have been together for almost 10 years (married for 5 this September) and man, what a wild ride it has been. We get on each other’s nerves all the time. We fight and we bicker, but man do we have fun!

Since moving 2 hours from the place we called home for our entire lives, June 2015, we have tried to make every weekend an adventure. We love to hike, swim and kayak in beautiful lakes, and go 4×4-ing (he drives). Most recently, my favorite memory has been 4-wheeling up Genoa Peak Road in Nevada. We got to the top and to the west we saw the most incredible view of Lake Tahoe that I had ever seen and to the east we saw the beautiful Carson Valley. It was like something out of a magazine.

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4) What is your favorite piece of literature and why?

If I were honest, I don’t read as much as I should. I get too caught up in everyday life and just don’t make time for it. That being said, I would say my favorite book right now is Water for Elephants. I love the story; the magical world of the circus. I love escaping into another world for a while. Though there are some pretty harsh and shocking events that happened in the story (which I am sure mimic reality in some way or another that I would never wish on anyone), I would love to run off and join the circus for a while. A magical one, like the one we remembered when we were kids.

I long for that special bond with animals, like the one that Jacob and Marlena had with Rosie. She listened because she knew she was loved and respected, rather than listening because she was afraid.

Adult life is hard and full of things we just don’t want to do, so sometimes when I want to escape from reality, I think about escaping to the circus…the magical one of course.

5) The Sweetheart persona is all about kindness. Who has had the biggest influence in your life when it comes to being taught ‘how to be kind’?

My mother-in-law is my biggest influence. She has her moments, like we all do, where she is sassy and spunky, but overall she has taught me what it’s means to be kind. She chooses to see the best in people, even when they may not deserve it and it forces me to take a step back and evaluate how I am treating others. I have a long way to go to being the kind of person I want to be. But hey, we are all a work in progress.

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6) What makes your heart beat? What do you believe in, stand for?

People. I have a passion for people. Life is all about relationships and building others up. There is so much sadness in the world that we should all choose to focus on joy.

I didn’t choose to be born into a life of privilege, but the fact is, I was. I believe with that privilege comes a responsibility to help humanity and those who aren’t as fortunate as I and there are plenty of ways to help (even without leaving your couch!). For example: for literally the price of one Starbucks a day, you can sponsor a kid for a year through Compassion International. The money allows the child to go to school which gives them an education, life skills and job opportunities that they otherwise might not have had! You can give to water projects that build wells in communities that wouldn’t otherwise have clean water, something we so often take for granted.

Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now…you get the picture.

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7) What is your career and what led you to choose that path?

Currently, I have a FT job in the accounting division of the County that I live in. I work for the government. I sort of stumbled into the position but am learning a lot and am learning to really like Excel (yup, I just said that). My passion and my past experiences however are in Marketing and PR. I stumbled into that career path as well, but turned out it was a great fit for me. I am able to get my creative juices flowing all while helping businesses thrive in their communities.

I loved it so much I decided to start The BOLD and Creative as a side business. Being an online, creative entrepreneur allows me to help people from all over the country from my little farm house in California. It really is an amazing and gratifying experience.

8) If you can describe your ideal day how would it go?

My ideal day…I am lucky that I get my ideal day almost every weekend. It is seriously a dream come true.

I wake up around 7am and work in my yard for a bit before it gets too hot, pulling weeds and watering. I pour myself a cup of coffee and drink it on my back patio while I listen to the birds wake up for the day. Around 9am the hubs and I pack up the car and head for the mountains. We find a beautiful and secluded lake to kayak in that is freezing from snow run-off and we spend the day enjoying each other’s company, which consists of bickering and then laughing (but mostly bickering because I am a terrible partner in a tandem kayak and probably deserve to be pushed out like 99% of the time) and exploring.

At the end of the day, we drive home, grabbing dinner at a local restaurant on the way and then spend the rest of the night nursing our sun burns.

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