Sweetheart of the Month: Lindsay Goedken

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Sweetheart of The Month:

-Lindsay Goedken-

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1. We would love to get to know you more. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’ve called Iowa home all of my life, although I absolutely love traveling and live for checking boxes off my bucket list! I’m a wife to my college sweetheart, Nate, and mommy to our almost three-year-old, Mason Brooks! If you ask my friends what makes me me, they’d probably roast me, and tell you this:

-Obsessed with Oreos+Jason Bateman. (This one is true, but make sure it’s double stuff Oreos, and Jason Bateman is the cutest thing EVER. I don’t care what anyone says-sorry hubby!)

-Needs 5 cups of coffee to function every day. (Meh, only 3, then I’m alive)

-White wall magnet. (What can I say, neutral backdrops are my fave)

-Fresh Flowers are a need. (Always.)

-I’m at Target so often my phone constantly alerts me how far the nearest one is. (Touché)

Sweetheart of the Month: Lindsay Goedken

2) We notice you are also a creative. What is one of your favorite creative projects and why?

Yes!!!! I feel so blessed that my career is driven by creativity. It makes everything I do, so unbelievably fun! I would say my favorite projects where I get to utilize all of my creative talents, would be designing+photographing wedding editorials. From picking out the color palette, working on the design plan, to photographing the gorgeous details + couple, I absolutely love seeing everything come full circle,  all while connecting with other vendors in the community! A few years ago I also started incorporating film into my work and I couldn’t love it more. It has truly taught me to slow down and see things in a different light. I shoot much more intentionally when I shoot film, and always feel much more gracious after I get my final scans delivered!

Grace Belle - Sweetheart of the Month: Lindsay Goedken

3) What is your favorite piece of literature and why?

Last November, I read the book “Present Over Perfect”  by Shauna Niequist and it completely changed my outlook on life.  I had been drowning in the “must do it all” (not to mention, as fast as I can) mentality for years, planning a wedding, growing a business, becoming a new mommy, all while photographing almost 40 weddings a year. I was always feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and on edge. This book taught me how to truly slow down. Live authentically, and live for moments more than anything else. I immediately started simplifying my life, clearing my head, and being more present in all that I do. It was exactly what I needed in that moment of my life and since then I’ve been immensely happier.

Grace Belle - Sweetheart of the Month: Lindsay Goedken

4) The Sweetheart persona is all about kindness. Who has had the biggest influence in your life when it comes to being taught how to be “kind?”

Oh wow, this question is tough! I’m a big believer in following a few really simple concepts that if you stay true to, will make your life incredibly more joyful, and probably a lot easier-lol! I’ve tried to remember these things and it’s filled my life with people who embody kindness, and who make me want to be a better person.

1. It takes way more energy to be hateful than to just be kind.

Is anyone else with me that in this world-it is EXHAUSTING to be an adult?! This mama is tireddddd! I try to remind myself of this daily, so when the person at the customer service counter is clearly having a not so good day and taking it out on lucky ol’ me, I try my best to just kill them with kindness. I think bullies thrive off that energy. Staying strong and just being your kind self-wins every time, I promise you.

2. The little things are everything.

Every year my husband asks me, “Babe, what do you want for Christmas?” and my mind instantly goes to “Ooooo, if you could mop our floors, that would be amazinggggg!” We have dark hardwoods and a puppy-the struggle is real. Seriously though, if you want to live a lifestyle of kindness and joy, I believe the best thing you can strive to do it’s taking two seconds out of your day to think about someone else-how you could make their day better. Is it putting fresh flowers on your co-workers’ desk? Is it waking up 5 minutes early and surprising your hubby with breakfast in bed with the biggest cup of coffee you could find in your cupboards?! Or is it sending a thank you note, just because? This life is so chaotic, in a world of instant everything, tech everything, the little things are what keeps us grounded.

Grace Belle - Sweetheart of the Month: Lindsay Goedken

5) The Sweetheart persona is all about being in good company. What is your favorite memory with your friends?

I feel like here is where I should insert “that one time we went to Vegas!” but honestly, my favorite memories that come to mind are the ones where we were doing nothing at all.

My husband and I just took a trip to Savannah to visit two of my dearest friends, and it ended up raining the entire time we were there. Looking back, that could not have been more perfect. After checking the forecast, I instantly resorted to my comfy pants, took my makeup off, threw my hair in a top knot and we spent the night making the best chili I’ve ever had, snuggling up on their comfy couch, turned on the twinkle lights and lit some candles, played card games all night, drank all the wine, and laughed until it hurt.

Grace Belle - Sweetheart of the Month: Lindsay Goedken

 6) What makes your heart beat? What do you believe in, stand for, and want to tell others about?

Filling my life with only things that make me incredibly happy, is what makes my heart skip a beat. Doing all things with intention, and being authentic and present is what I try to focus all of my energy around. If you start with the little things, those little things become your entire life.  It’s that easy. There is no denying that I love Instagram as a way to document all of my favorite memories, and what makes me happy, I try to be present in the moment as much as I can and only post when I’m lying in bed at night, or when I’m drinking my morning coffee. This life we have is so precious and so short, so surround yourself with people who inspire you, things that give you cheer, and moments that take your breath away.

Grace Belle - Sweetheart of the Month: Lindsay Goedken

7) What do you do? And what led you to choose this path?

I own Ivory+Bliss,  a fine art photography business focusing on engagements+weddings (where my passion and heart are truly at!) It’s actually kind of a funny story how I landed on my dream job-I remember being 18, and being like, “K. Lindz…really though, what are we gonna do with the rest of our life?!” and photography popped into my mind, and then instantly popped out. I was broke, all of the people I knew were broke-I couldn’t possibly make a living doing that right?! So I did what I thought I should be doing-went to college, fell in love with the idea of social work, and got my degree. As soon as I graduated, I bought myself a “fancy” camera and begged my friends to model for me. One thing led to another, and by the end of the year-I had photographed 3 weddings and 60 sessions. Those experiences landed me 22 weddings my next year, and 42 weddings the following. Fast forward 6 years later, and we have 2 amazing associate photographers on our team, who I can also call my best friends, have been featured on multiple publications, am lucky to have hundreds of clients who feel more like family, and a brand I am so incredibly proud of.  As our business has grown, it’s allowed me to focus on my other passion, design! I recently accepted a position at an event company in town, Unique Events, as their lead designer, and have been able to work on wedding designs in the area! It’s been crazy, but I am so grateful I get to do both of my passions at once! Although it took me a while to listen to my heart, and let go of the plans I had made for myself, I feel so blessed that God had a plan for me, and put me right where I needed to be at just the perfect time.

Grace Belle - Sweetheart of the Month: Lindsay Goedken

8) If you could describe your ideal day, how would it go?

You know, I actually think about this a lot, because the days where my schedule is completely clear, and the possibilities are endless are few and far between with my career, which makes them much more important to me.

My perfect day would be waking up to fresh air blowing through the windows, birds chirping, and a cup of coffee. Going to the farmers market + taking some photos of the cute little family, and stopping to take everything in. The perfect night would be a handmade meal, setting the table and laughing all night. Snuggling up with my hubby while watching a movie, and falling asleep to a thunderstorm. Moments like these are my everything.

Grace Belle - Sweetheart of the Month: Lindsay Goedken


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