Sweetheart of the Month: Ariel Esparza

Sweetheart Of The Month:

-Ariel Esparza-


1. Please introduce yourself! We’d love to get to know you. 

My name is Ariel Esparza (still not used to that! Just got married a few months ago) and I am 25 years old. I am a wedding photographer, soon to be blogger, and content creator for brands. It still amazes me that all of that can be my real life job.

2. We notice you are also a creative. What is one of your favorite creative projects and why? 

I feel most creative when I am given products from companies to create Instagram posts. It is such a creative outlet for me. Constantly thinking, “how can I make this look visually appealing”  and style things a certain way. I also really love food photography, and creating in the kitchen.

3. What is your favorite piece of literature and why?

I really love books about faith. Marriage books that help you accomplish your goals with a purpose. My recent favorite was “The Best Yes” by Lysa TerKeurst.

4. The Sweetheart persona is all about kindness. Who has had the biggest influence in your life when it comes to being taught how to be “kind?”

Honestly, The Bible and the life of Jesus. I didn’t really grow up with kindness as an example to follow, so I decided I wanted break the mold and pray God would make me into someone who is known as kind. Since there isn’t much kindness left in the world anymore, it was a challenge to break away from what I always knew, what I observed all around me.  I am working on it daily, but the best examples of kindness I receive are from people in the church who want to live like Jesus.

5. The Sweetheart persona is all about being in good company. What is your favorite memory with your friends?

My favorite memory with my closest friends was the week of my wedding. My closest girlfriends and I did a getaway in the desert. We swam in the pool, took a lot of photos, and made amazing food. The best part was singing and laughing around a bonfire all night.

6.  If you could describe your ideal day, how would it go?

My ideal day is set in spring or summer. I usually am not a morning person but if it was my ideal day, I would wake up semi early (because to me mornings are the best when you have a great day ahead) Go on a hike. Grab a coffee with my husband at a local coffee shop. Maybe visit a farmers market and grab an acai bowl. Take stoll on a pier somewhere, go bike riding, and end the day watching a California sunset. Basically anything outdoors.

7. What do you do? And what led you to choose this path?

My main job right now is wedding photography. What led me to get into this was my interest in photography growing into more that just a hobby. A friend asked me to help her shoot a wedding. From there I was hooked. I loved the busyness of the day, the excitement from the couple, and the challenge to capture every moment beautifully for them to remember for years to come. I love it so much.

8. What makes your heart beat? What do you believe in, stand for, and want to tell others about?

Overall healthy and wellness, for other people to experience the freedom to feel amazing by the daily life decisions they make. Also to help live our your biggest dream and to take steps of faith into doing what you love!!


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