Suja Juice Review

I am constantly on the go and I am always looking for a healthy and delicious juice to bring with me, that’s when I found Suja Organic Juices. Here are some reasons I love Suja Juices and how it’s been helping me:


When I think of green juices or healthy cleanses, I automatically thing “ugh, this is probably going to be so gross” and I have to force myself to drink it, but not with Suja. They actually taste amazing!!


You all know juices, especially juice cleanses can get really expensive to buy on the regular. At one point I was spending like $5+ on juices that I didn’t even really like. Suja juices are very affordable. Target often has deals going where you can get 2 for $5.


It’s the perfect size where I can just grab it out of my fridge in the morning and take it with me on those busy mornings.

4. There are SO MANY OPTIONS

From the one day renewal cleanses, to the probiotic waters, Suja provides so many different options and flavors that are perfect for any of your needs.

5. The packaging is ADORABLE

Honestly, when the packaging and bottle is aesthetically on point, for some odd reason, it just makes me enjoy the juice that much more.

If you’re looking for a healthy, delicious, and affordable juice cleanse or simply just as a boost for your busy mornings, definitely check out Suja and all the different options they have to offer.

I am a 22 year old SoCal Native with a passion for exploring, eating, and connecting with people. Recently graduated from UC Riverside, I got a B.A. in Media & Cultural Studies and loved how I was able to learn how media affects different cultures all around the world. Yelp is my best friend and boba, ice cream, and french fries are always on my mind ? I absolutely love the outdoors and am always down for an adventure. Super excited for what's to come!

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