How To Successfully Picnic Solo

When I think of going on an adventure, I typically think of bringing along a companion. They say experiences are best when you can share it with someone else. While I’d normally subscribe to that idea, I do think there is a time and a place to wander off on your own and have a moment to yourself.

That said, being alone in public, even for the most adventurous person, can be intimidating. A picnic is the perfect stepping stone to finding peace with being alone, while actually enjoying yourself.

The best part about a picnic is that it doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you’re going solo. It’s something you can up and do spontaneously with these few essentials in mind:

Find a picture perfect location
Sometimes we take the simple things for granted like the fact that every single day ends with a gorgeous sunset. Now that the sun is starting to set later, take advantage of getting outside and enjoying those last few minutes of daylight. Living near the coast, I like to settle in somewhere near the ocean. Any patch of grass will do though. Find a special spot where you feel comfortable and can enjoy your surroundings.

Bring a good blanket
It wouldn’t be a picnic without a picnic blanket. While in general you can keep your solo picnic simple, this is one way to easily style your setting if you have a cute blanket you love. I always like to keep a blanket in my car for spontaneous moments like these. Look for a blanket that is lightweight and machine washable. Our Fair Seas Supply Co. round beach blankets are made from organic Turkish cotton and are not only super soft and cozy, but they are quick drying if they happen to get wet and you can throw them in the wash when you’re done. Easy peezy.

Increase comfort with a pillow
If you plan on hanging out for awhile, you may want to consider bringing a pillow or two. Not only is this another way to jazz up your picnic look, but it’s a more comfortable way to enjoy your time outdoors. I recommend looking for a pillow that is made for the outdoors so that they can easily be cleaned and won’t fade.

Pack an easy meal
I think this is where people can get stuck when planning a picnic. We think we need a Pinterest worthy array of snacks and drinks. I say, keep it simple. A bottle of sparkling water will make you feel fancy and a simple sandwich and salad you pick up from the store will do. I have an oversized wood plate for moments like this. It travels well and won’t break, it’s easy to rinse off, and it’s large enough to hold my meal and a cup if I need a flat surface.


Let’s face it, we all have a little trouble sitting still these days. If you don’t have the luxury of a first row seat of a symphony of waves to keep you spellbound, bring a book. Or, if you’re into journaling or poetry, bring your pen and paper. Whatever it is, take some time to disconnect and let your mind wander to far off places. Try and do anything that doesn’t require staring at the screen of your phone. Your Instagram isn’t going anywhere.



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Inspired by the beaches she grew up next to in California, Tiffany founded Fair Seas Supply Co., a collection of round, organic Turkish cotton beach blankets. When not busy working on her business, you can find her lounging on the beach, brunching with friends or snuggled up with a good book.

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