Startup Camp Review

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Startup Camp

is a 12 month online business course that helps you launch your business. I took this business course last year before launching Grace Belle and I honestly learned SO much! I’m the kind of person who needs step by step to do lists to help me achieve something so to have a one month at a time lesson to launch was so beneficial. Since taking the class, and launching Grace Belle, I’ve been getting emails every month from people asking me what I thought of the course. They want to know if it’s good before they purchase, is that you too? 🙂

I’m getting so many people emailing me so I decided to just write this post to make it easier 🙂



Startup Camp is a 12-month business course that is divided into 3 Sections; Prepare, Launch, and Grow.

Each Module has a Coaching Video (SO HELPFUL), a Curriculum PDF packet, Study Guides & Checklist (I highly recommend you complete these), and usually a recommended book to read. Every time I read the book for the month it really tied well with the lesson so I encourage you to read them. Besides that, you’ll also get podcasts (either way download the StartupCamp podcasts on your phone, and on that note also download the Sounds Good With Branden Harvey podcast – SO GOOD). And one of my favorite parts is the facebook group with other students in Startup Camp. I’ve made some amazing friends through it and also seen many people partner together or help one another out.

My Review – Positives:

  • Incredible useful information compacted in a digestible way. I always bought pdfs, read online courses, and did anything I could to learn about being an entrepreneur or creative business owner. I even went to school for business but I have not seen a more useful business course. I like it because it’s filtered in that you’re given only what you need. You won’t be overwhelmed trying to figure out how to launch your business. It’s the most basic step by step guide for it. If you’re the kind of person that likes to do lists or being super organized then this is perfect. Being able to allocate a specific topic for each month made it easier to move forward and complete the steps I needed to launch.
  • Branding. Startup Camp has beautiful branding which makes it easy to understand everything and to be inspired. I actually wanted to do my homework in this course with the pretty pdfs haha
  • Community. The private Facebook group is so great! We encourage one another, give each other tips, help each other find services or resources, and even review each other’s work. Even to this day, I am involved in the group! I love seeing what everyone is doing and giving my advice from what I’ve learned. I also made some wonderful friends from this group that will be my forever friends. SO YES YES AND YES on community 🙂 Plus it’s better to struggle together as we figure it all out haha
  • Support. I am still in awe how personal Dale and his team are with us while managing so many people! There have been so many times when I needed some business advice at something I was launching or a direction I wanted to take Grace Belle and they were quick to help. This is so valuable!
  • Up to date! How many business courses have you taken that were outdated? Business changes SO fast, especially marketing, so it is absolutely essential that it is up to date. I love that Dale updated the whole curriculum after the first year.

My Review – Negatives:

  • Moves quickly. This course is not for everyone since it’s very direct. If you’re not sure what you want to do, what business you want to launch, then I don’t recommend it to you. Since it moves so quickly you have to have an idea of what direction you want to go. That said if you have a couple ideas it can still be beneficial and the facebook group can even help you narrow your ideas down. But to give an example, Module 2 already jumps on business plan and registering your business. If you’re not sure what you want to do you might fall behind. When I started I wasn’t fully sure what I wanted so I ended up skipping that module, moving forward, then coming back to it when I had a better idea. I am more proficient in branding so for me it helped to do module 3 first and then moving back to 2.
  • You have to be 100% devoted to this. If you’re already busy it will be hard to do this course. You’ll have to make time for it and maybe divide it into a daily thing. Maybe one hour a day? Dividing it into chunks is the only way you can accomplish it and move forward with it. I also recommend doing it all, watch the videos, listen to the podcasts, read the books, get involved, etc. Unfortunately for me, I was balancing so much at the time that I didn’t fully commit. I finished all the courses but I didn’t finish all the hw or reading the books. I was impatient to launch and quickly pushed grace belle before I even finished. This honestly was a bad mistake on my end, I should have finished it and work through it patiently. We canceled our launch party because we didn’t have enough time to “Launch Out Loud”, missed a few marketing elements which I could have avoided if I really did all 12 modules to their fullest. I cannot stress this enough how I recommend you do that. There are so many things I learned this year and when I went back to the modules I realized they were there all along. I could have been more productive from the beginning if only I focused on them more. Currently, I’m going back to them and taking more notes to make sure I’m not missing anything 🙂



It was the best business course I took and highly recommend it, all the time. I still use our branding packed (created in module 2) almost on the daily. Feel free to download it : grace-belle-brand-and-mission

Here it is in image form:


This packet was incredibly helpful when a team came on board for Grace Belle and we all needed to understand the foundation of GB.


For more info on the program go to:

Startup Camp

Watch the main video too 🙂



One of my favorite things is seeing people pursue their dreams and hearing stories of those that got there! I'm the typical entrepreneur who loves thinking outside the box, enjoys talking about marketing, is always up for networking and of course coffee! My heart is so full seeing others support my dream of grâce belle and so thankful for our Grace Belle Team.

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