Smorgasburg LA: Must Try Eats & Treats

Smorgasburg is one of the most popular food markets in America, originating in Brooklyn but slowly opening up in different cities all around the U.S. Filled with dozens of food vendors, vintage shops, cultural events, and pop ups, this is an up and coming destination for locals to spend their Sunday afternoons. I got the chance to eat my way through Smorgasburg LA (located in Downtown Los Angeles) and let me just say, my tummy was very very happy. Here’s a look at some of my favorite food vendors and must try eats:


Instagram: @eatshrimpdaddy

Must Try: The Garlic Butter Shrimp (make sure to get it served in a pineapple)



Instagram: @eatwanderlust

Must Try: Ube Malted Crunch and Sticky Rice + Mango (highly recommend getting it in the Ube cone – it’s delicious!)



Instagram: @popdup

Must Try: Grapefruit Basil and Lychee Butterflypea (made with all natural syrups)



Instagram: @workaholic_usa

Must Try: Spicy Pork and Kimchi, Chicken, and Veggie Dumplings (if you need something refreshing to pair I recommend you try their Korean Sweet Rice Drink)



Instagram: @palomaspaletas

Must Try: Honestly all the flavors are refreshing but my favorite was the Kiwi Lychee



Instagram: @chineselaundrytruck

Must Try: Dan Dan Noodles and the Pork Belly Tacos (some of the best pork belly tacos I’ve had)



Instagram: @lobsterdamus

Must Try: Lobster Paella, Lobster Fries w Truffle Mayo, and Charcoal Grilled Live Maine Lobster



Instagram: @yellowbusiness

Must Try: Matcha Green Tea HK Waffle with Mochi and Strawberries

I had such a blast and can’t wait until I get to go back. Check out Smorgasburg’s website here for additional information on when they’re open, parking, and to see their current list of vendors. Oh, and make sure to stop by the next time you’re in the area 🙂

I am a 22 year old SoCal Native with a passion for exploring, eating, and connecting with people. Recently graduated from UC Riverside, I got a B.A. in Media & Cultural Studies and loved how I was able to learn how media affects different cultures all around the world. Yelp is my best friend and boba, ice cream, and french fries are always on my mind ? I absolutely love the outdoors and am always down for an adventure. Super excited for what's to come!

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