Take Your Roommate On A Date!

One of my all time favorite things to do is take my roommate out on “dates”! Each time my roommate and I head out for a day spent together we end up doing something different but I wanted to walk you girls through what a girls’ day might look like and a good way to intentionally spend time with your roommate or best friend!

One thing my roommate and I love doing is finding new, unique coffee/donut shops or cafes. Usually we will get ready, looking cute of course, and set out for the day starting at a coffee shop we both haven’t tried before. This time around we tried out Sidecar Doughnuts ! AND, sometimes, we actually take this time to be productive and get homework or other tasks done. That way you don’t have to be guilty about taking an entire day off.

Once we have spent a few hours sipping coffee and doing work we will usually look for a downtown area or a cute shop. We decided to hop over to Heritage to do a little shopping because it was right across the street from Sidecar! This is a great time to look for some new decor for your room 😉 Depending on the day, we will sometimes end with dinner and blasting music on our drive home.

I’ve found that taking the time to intentionally spend days with your roommate or best friend one on one will really benefit your friendship. You’ll learn a lot about one another by simply spending the day together and if you aren’t that close to your roommate this can be the perfect opportunity to get to know them! Try it out and let us know how your roommate date goes!

Hi there! My name is Courtney and am from Santa Cruz, CA but am currently wrapping up my last year at Biola University where I am getting a degree in Business Management. In the past four years I have spent here, I have grown to love Orange County and hope to continue my adventures here after I graduate. Some things you should know about me are that I have a slight obsession with coffee, cats, and tacos! I also love meeting new people so don't be shy to say hello!

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