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To be honest we weren’t familiar with coffee butter before connecting with this company. We’ve been to endless coffee shops in our area but never have we heard of butter coffee. Our curiosity was peeked as we explored their website and we were happily surprised as we read more about them. Here’s how they described starting:

why coffee

That made sence to us, especially because we’re always on the go. It would be nice to get extra energy without crashing annnd with added benefits. But was it too good to be true? So we tried it ourselves to find out.


First we grabbed the box, and examined its cleverness “No preservatives. No gluten. No sugar. No worries. You’re welcome.” haha.

Then we pulled out the packets and grabbed our favorite mugs, fox mug all the way. 😉


The honestly we got to excited and tried doing it without directions.. thatttt was a mistake since we put water before adding the packet and we ruined one.



Grab your packet and follow these simple directions:


SO lets review the steps so you don’t make the same mistake as us 🙂


Packet, Check

Put the better butter coffee (that’s just fun to say) in the mug

Add 8 oz of hot water

Add 4 oz of warm temperature water

Stir and Enjoy.

better butter coffee

Grab your sample on their website and enter to win a box on our instagram!


p.s. this is the perfect coffee for camping!

We loved how rich and smooth it is, the smell of it filled the room so deliciously.



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