The Importance of Praying for Your Future Husband + Book Giveaway

Even though I started praying at age twelve, my prayers were few and very far between. Marriage was more of a question of when then an if. However, once I finished high school the reality of marriage became all the more real as friends started dating and one by one were getting married. It’s kind of funny to think that for all these years I have been praying for a man that I have yet to meet. One day when I do marry my future husband, I can’t wait to hear all about what God has been doing in his life during the time I was praying for him.

Over the past five years that I have been praying for my future husband on a consistent basis, I never really encouraged my friends to start praying for their future husband or really even told anyone that I was praying for him. I kind of felt a little silly praying for someone whom I had never even met. But, the Lord kept putting it on my heart to tell my small group of close friends whom I did a weekly bible study with. Telling them what I had been doing encouraged my four girlfriends to do the same. We were all single at the time, in different stages of our lives, various ages, and held different jobs but our one common ground was that we loved the Lord!


At the beginning of our bible study we always opened with prayer requests and more times than not, we included our future husbands into our prayers. It is so sweet because over the year and a half that we met for bible study, we not only saw growth in our lives but we saw God answer prayers like I have never seen before! Then last year, one of the girls from our bible study married her husband, the one she had been waiting and praying for, on a beautiful October day. All of us girls were beyond excited for her and it encouraged us to continue to pray for our future husbands because we saw first-hand how God answered the desires of her heart through her steadfast prayers for a husband.

There have been times in my prayer life that have flourished and then times when discouragement or the doubt of ever getting married began to set in. But, I know the Lord has specifically placed this desire for marriage in my heart and prompted me to be praying for my future husband and the marriage that we will one day share.

One thing that I love about prayer is that it encourages you and causes you to grow in your own faith even if you are praying for other people. The same goes for your future husband! Think about how special it will be to tell him that you have been praying for him!

Prayer causes you to grow in your own faith even if you are praying for other people. Click To Tweet

Praying for your future husband can start right now! When I pray for him I pray for anything that comes to mind or whatever the Lord impresses upon my heart. Praying for him can just be a simple thing you share with the Lord, or if you want, you can write down your prayers in a notebook, or in a card. The Lord is working on your future husband’s life as well as your life right now. You have no idea of the power of prayer! Not only does it strengthen and encourage your walk with the Lord, but your prayers for your future husband will benefit him as well.

It may seem silly at first, but I have found that the more and more I pray for my future husband, the more and more I realize I am witnessing the Lord work in my life first hand because of my prayers. It has been amazing to watch friends who have prayed and waited for their future husbands now getting married to the man whom they have been praying for. This is God’s beautiful love story unfolding in His perfect timing. Start praying for the man God has for you and watch as He unfolds your love story in His perfect timing. It is never too early to begin!

How often do we, as future wives, pray for our marriage before it even begins? As a future wife, God has given you the amazing opportunity to begin praying for your husband before you are even married.


Caitlyn shares her own story of her journey of praying and waiting for her future husband and gives you the tools to pray for your future husband as well. 31 Days of Praying for Your Future Husband is a devotional that will take you on the journey of beginning to pray for the husband God is preparing for you. Sometimes it is hard to know how to pray, what to pray for, or even where to start. This book will help you know where to begin on praying for your future husband by giving examples of what to pray for.


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Caitlyn Burns is the founder of Valued and Esteemed, a website designed to encourage women in their walk with Christ. She draws from God's Word and on her years of experience serving in ministry to encourage others. When Caitlyn is not writing, she loves being with her family, serving at church, and growing in her relationship with the Lord. Caitlyn lives in Southern California with her parents and seven younger siblings.

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