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We have a confession – we’re just a bit obsessed with podcasts, but who isn’t in this day and age, right? They’re the best way to pass the time during a morning commute, an afternoon jog, or even incorporated into an evening routine before you go to bed. Podcasts range in categories from news and politics to entertainment to the arts. We’ll be focusing solely on creative podcasts – the ones that inspire us daily to explore our imagination, create a dream job for ourselves using our talents, and support and encourage other creatives in the industry. Here are our favorite podcasts for the Creative.

The Writer’s Voice

This is a fairly new podcast, but we have become hooked. Essentially, it’s a podcast featuring fiction writers from The New Yorker reading their stories. It sounds simple enough, but there’s something so powerful about these writers reading their own works. They feature best-selling writers like Zadie Smith and Emma Cline. This is a must-listen! Listen to it here.


Have you ever seen the movie Big Fish? It’s one of our favorites! Well, the screenwriter for Big Fish, (as well as numerous other successful screenplays), John August, recently created a podcast that takes us along with him as he writes his first ever book. The episodes take us through his creative process, but also the business side of selling a book. He answers those burgeoning questions: How do you write a book? How do you find an agent? What story elements make for an intriguing read? Seriously, this one is essential for any aspiring authors out there. Find it here.

Heroine: Women’s Creative Leadership

This is the perfect podcast to inspire you to seize the day! The amazingly talented women featured in this podcast share their stories of success (which is often a long, tiresome road) as well as tips for productivity, creativity, entrepreneurship, and confidence. The show really hones in on what it takes to achieve your creative dreams, and the often long, arduous steps it can take to get there. If you’re experiencing doubt concerning your creative talent and abilities, this is the podcast for you! Listen to it here.

Makers & Mystics

Another winner, this podcast explores artists and their spirituality. How does spirituality and the arts intersect? This podcast seeks to answer that question as it features different artists each episode who vary in talents and industries. From screenwriters, to singer-songwriters, to painters, all of these creatives attribute their work to their faith. Their spirituality is at the core of everything they do. It’s a fascinating listen, and we highly recommend it! Find it here.


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