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pay it forward
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Lately, social media has become a medium of comparison, envy harvesting itself in the successes (engagements/promotions/travel opportunities) of those around us. I’ve been having tough conversations with people about this – how we find our happiness in the measurement of how we are doing compared to the online personas of our peers.

I’m here to ask that we instead focus on our freedom. We are crafted, specifically, to love. We are wired, purposefully, to give. Let us be free to love and give, then, in the most radical and beautiful ways we can. Let us reflect on our lives and the ways that we are able to lift the burdens of our friends and family – even of strangers.

Love should be the root of our existence. Let’s let a spirit of kindness and faithfulness guide us into “paying it forward.”

Why not dedicate a portion of your time to the happiness of others? Perhaps, next time you’re in line for coffee, you could grab one for a friend who is stuck at work on the weekend.

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Take every opportunity to deliver a bit of joy to someone’s day.

If you encounter someone on a regular basis, whether it be a security guard or bus driver or the receptionist at your workplace, I challenge you to gift them a genuine conversation and a smile.

If you find out that someone is struggling, dig deep into a way to help them. If monetary resources are holding you back from acts of kindness, use your words instead. Write letters to people you love that showcase how they have impacted your life in both large and small ways. use your thoughts to encourage the journeys of your peers rather than concentrate on how your own life measures up.

If you transform your heart into this others-first attitude, I promise that you will no longer be focusing on how your story is any better or worse than those around you. You WILL play a small part in changing our world – you will inspire kindness that will inspire kindness that will inspire kindness upon kindness. You will be genuinely happy, and you will be making others genuinely happy.

What more is there, truly?

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Daughter of the King, living and learning in Orlando, Fla. Passionate about this generation of movers & shakers … also passionate about doughnuts. Very, very thankful for the life I lead.

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  1. I love this. I love everything about it. I love the genuine words, and the optimistic positive attitude. We need more of this! The more I search for inspiration and kindness in the network of creative people like myself, I am hoping to find people to work with and share our views, and I am finding more and more. It’s almost like a refreshing slap in the face – I say that because think about how the world is portrayed sometimes? It is rough. But I am discovering that if you search for pleasant things you find them, even by fluke. I got to this page by searching for reviews on a camera I wanted to purchase and in return I have found a plethora of hopefulness and positivity on this site. Love love love. Keep this all up.

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