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Contra Coffee & 1888 Center

Orange County creatives! We’ve found a new creative space for you. Read all about our recent trip to Contra Coffee and combined bookstore, the 1888 Center. It’s the perfect spot to sit back, drink some cold brew, and write the next great American novel.

Fashionista Of The Month: Ana Pejkanovic

Meet our Fashionista of the Month- Ana Pejkanovic from @marchandmayblog ! Ana shares her passion for all things fashion and the importance of kindness and women empowering women.

Valuing Your Work in the Influencer Industry

Influencer Marketing as a new industry is having a hard time with the battle between “for trade” and paid collaborations. Learn why it’s important to set the standard and how much to charge for your posts.

Sweetheart of the Month: Lilly Cristy

Meet our Sweetheart of the Month: Lilly Cristy! West Coaster turned Midwesterner, Lilly shares her love for her work, community, family, and Jesus.

Books to Read on a Snow Day

Reading on a snowy day is the perfect backdrop for discovery. Some of our favorite books to read on a snowy day are rich with meaning, heavy with importance, and beautiful with intention. So get cozy as we list off our favorite books for a snow day.

Bucket List for the Sweetheart

Calling all you Sweethearts out there! We have the perfect bucket list for you. Challenge yourself by writing letters to a friend, joining a book club, and growing a garden. These prompts are the perfect way to welcome Spring.

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