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Palm Springs Travel Guide

Find our favorite things to do in Palm Springs including where to stay, what restaurants we recommend and things to do.

Valley Of Fire State Park

If you’re visiting Vegas and seeking to detoxify from the smoky casinos and deep-fried food, take an hour’s drive to the Valley of Fire State Park. Located in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, you’ll witness Mother Nature’s radical side. Over 40,000 acres of Aztec sandstone tinged burnt orange is interrupted with streaks of sandy beige, slate grey, light coral, and Tuscan yellow.

Creative Of The Month : Sarah Schmidt

Creative Of The Month:

Sarah Schmidt //

Interior Designer from San Diego, Ca shares her tips and tricks to be creative with design

(link in bio) #TheCreativeGB

20 Things I’ve learned in 20 Years

New Blog Post By @carlystanton. 20 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years. Tips, advice and encouragement from your fellow sweetheart. #TheSweetheartGB

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