One Two Lash Magnetic Lashes Review

Magnetic Lashes Review One Two Lash

Have you heard of magnetic lashes yet? They’re the solution to longer lashes without using glue or spending a lot of money for lash extensions which only last a couple weeks as it is. We’ve been hoping for an alternative to lash extensions and excited to find these magnetic lashes by One Two Cosmetics.

Our honest review after trying these;


  • They look so natural
  • Feel light and comfortable
  • Easy to make a huge difference from the accent ones to the full enhanced versions
  • Once you are used to putting them on it only takes seconds


  • It has a learning curve to get the hang of them


  • If you add mascara on before you put them on it’ll stick to your lash better and makes it easier to add the bottom lash
  • Make sure to have a towel or something in case you drop the lash (it’s easy to lose, especially since it’s magnetic and it can stick to anything).
  • Work from the outer part of your eye to in
  • Don’t use your metal tweezers since they are magnetic
  • We’ve tested the other ones on the market and these still hold the best (they don’t slide like the rest)


We tested 4 of the types and compared them for you so you can see them side by side! The 4 we choose were the Full Coverage Original, Accent, Full Coverage Enhanced, and the Original. We’re curious to know which one is your favorite so leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

One Two Lashes Magnetic Lash Review
In order: Full Coverage Original, Accent, Full Coverage Enhanced, & Original


Full Coverage Original

Elegant and understated, this classic style gives lashes a subtly fuller, longer, more feminine look.

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“Naturally understated, yet undeniably glamorous, Accent Lashes give the outer corners of your lash line a subtle, flirty lift.”

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Full Coverage Enhanced

“Sexy-yet-sophisticated, this versatile style looks great day or night. With its alluring length and curl, Enhanced Lash accentuates your beauty while still maintaining a natural appearance.”

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“Long, lush and naturally beautiful. Perfect for everyday wear.”

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After trying all of them on our team seems to love the Accent set the most for every day and the Full Coverage Enhanced for a night out. Which one would you choose?

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