My Dearest Daughter

I’ve come across so many young women who confide in me and tell me their story, and the one thing I have found that they all have in common is; pain. A lot of the time it’s about their self worth, whether they don’t know who they are or they’ve lived so long as a person society told them they needed to be.
I will be honest, I have been there plenty of times myself, and I always remind myself of what God would tell me if I told him the same thing most of these young girls struggle with.
So I wrote this letter. From God, to every woman who needs a reminder of who they truly are. Someone so incredibly special and beautiful.


My Dearest Daughter,

You are mine. I am yours. I have told you, you are worth more to me than many sparrows. I love you unconditionally and eternally. It hurts me to see you compare yourself to this world, to what society demands you to be. You have read my word, I made you in my image, above all angels. You are worthy. Not for what you own, not for how you look, or what you do. But simply because I made you. This world will tell you differently, I’ve seen it. I’ve heard it. I know your pain when you ask me why you are the way you are. But my child, you are perfect to me. My beautiful masterpiece. I made only one of you, so why would you want to be anyone else? Your Father, perfect in all His glory, made you. So why would you let what a sinful world says define you? You are more than the clothes you wear, than the things you do, or anything that this world tries to offer you. I love you so much, and I would give anything for you and do anything for you. When the world puts you down, don’t turn to them to tell you who you need to be. You already know who you are. My child. My beloved. My beautiful daughter. Store my word in your heart. And don’t forget what I have told you. For when the world comes to bring you down, I will lift you up.

Your loving Father,


Simple person with a heart for people and their stories. I love inspiring people to find the beauty in the simple things in life. Especially in the wonderful gifts God gives us.

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