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We invite you all to swim back with us to November 4th and relive Grace Belle’s first ever Mermaid Sleepover! That’s right- Mermaid Sleepover. Thirteen of us girls gathered together to fulfill our lifelong dream of becoming a mermaid- at least, to have a magical mermaid tail, eat all sorts of under the sea treats, and jam out to nostalgic mermaid movies. Needless to say, we were pretty successful.



Grace Belle Mermaid Sleepover Event

We arrived at 5 pm- greeted from the street with pastel balloons and sea shells directing us indoors. Once inside, we were overwhelmed with a vast array of nautical decor and delicious snacks- ranging from “ocean water”, “seaweed” (aka grapes), to fish and chips, and fruit and veggies galore from the “coral reef.” We enjoyed some delicious mac and cheese (made with shell pasta, of course). For those of you mermaid aficionados out there- we used dinglehoppers, don’t worry.



Grace Belle Mermaid Sleepover Event

Laying out on the table with our personal name tags, our beautiful tails, ranging in colors, were waiting for us. We put them on immediately and had a photo session, because how can you not in a mermaid tail? To draw a comparison, these tails were somewhat of a cross between a sleeping bag and a really cozy blanket. We fit them right over our legs and hopped around and snuggled up. Our inner 10 year old was screaming.


Grace Belle Mermaid Sleepover Event


Next we turned on our favorite mermaid movie, Aquamarine, (that’s right the Aquamarine circa 2006). We snuggled up on the couch and the floor, surrounded by sea horse plushes, and dreamed of life under the sea. We laughed, we cried, we relived our tween years. It was a night to remember, and a party that extended way past our usual bedtime. After the movie we were still up to play some games and talk well past midnight. We finally conked out and had sweet, sweet mermaid dreams.


Grace Belle Mermaid Sleepover Event


The next morning we awoke to a breakfast buffet fit for a mermaid princess, complete with croissant “crabs,” and a parfait bar. The “coral reef” was open yet again, offering fresh fruit and berries to top our creations. The most unfortunate part of the event was its conclusion. At the end of the party, we had to take off our tails and go back to the real world. However, we got to take our tails home and use them whenever we please, so we can relive the party over and over again.


Grace Belle Mermaid Sleepover Event


We wanted to extend a huge thank you to those of you who attended our event and offered your support. It was a complete success and we couldn’t be happier. Perhaps more themed sleepovers are in our future? Time will tell.

Be sure to check out these beautiful mermaid tails so that you too can be a mermaid and join in the fun! They come in all sorts of colors. For grey tails, you can get them on here (these are higher quality ones). And for all other colors, including pink, blue, green, and purple, you can purchase them here. They make perfect gifts too!


Grace Belle Mermaid Sleepover Event


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Special thanks to our awesome videographer and photographer, Eve Taylor and Kelly Inciong! For all the photos click here.


Grace Belle Mermaid Sleepover Event



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