May Fashion Trends

Hey there Fashionistas! Here’s my roundup of the top fashion trends for May. The weather is getting warmer and summer is just around the corner so I pulled together a little outfit inspiration with some items I have been absolutely LOVING lately!


1. Off The Shoulder Tops

First up are off the shoulder tops. I have been OBSESSED with these lately, and when I say obsessed I mean it. What I love best about these is how flattering they are. You have got to try it out. Show a little shoulder and a little sass 😉 This is a staple for any Fashionista’s closet. This one is from H&M and is only $14.99 but I am sure you won’t have any issues finding similar tops at all your favorite stores!


2. Mules

Trend number 2 that I see popping up everywhere and I have certainly fallen in love with is mules! These ones here are the perfect color and are #sogracebelle. These can be styled so many ways, you can have a lot of fun with them. They can be worn more casual or even dressed up! They are a must for any Fashionista. One of my favorite ways I have seen these styled is with flared jeans and if you’re like me, flared jeans can be a little scary but I encourage you to BE BOLD and try something new! Go for it and be confident and what you wear, even if it’s a new look for you. Who know’s you might end up loving it!!


3. Stripes – Dresses – Wooden Sandals

Alright, my last trend turned into a group of three…haha. Stripes, dresses, and wooden platform sandals! Stripes are something I find are always in style but lately, I have noticed this trend of lighter colored stripes. So this dress is so perfect as we start to transition from spring to summer AND it incorporates my favorite trend, off the shoulder 😉 I paired it with these wooden platform sandals that jazz up any outfit and are so fun and unique!
My encouragement to you ladies this month is to start playing around with your wardrobe more! Put together some outfits incorporating one or all of these trends and tag @gracebelle in your photos so we can take a look at what you come up with! Also, make sure to check out our marketplace to shop all of our favorite pieces 🙂

Hi there! My name is Courtney and am from Santa Cruz, CA but am currently wrapping up my last year at Biola University where I am getting a degree in Business Management. In the past four years I have spent here, I have grown to love Orange County and hope to continue my adventures here after I graduate. Some things you should know about me are that I have a slight obsession with coffee, cats, and tacos! I also love meeting new people so don't be shy to say hello!

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