Hello & Welcome to our Internship Program!

We thought we would do things a little bit differently so that every intern can leave this internship with more knowledge, new friends, and plenty of adventures. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of keep on reading!

Our internships are based on your interests & your major! We want you to gain the experience you need for your career and goals. This means you can get involved in anything from Social Media & Marketing, Content Creating, Working with Brands, Event Planning, Blogging, Community Growth, and more! We have a long list of brands and clients in our Grace Belle company and you’ll get a chance to be involved in different ones.


Internship Program:

  • School credit only
  • 3 months commitment
    • Summer 2018: May 28 – August 28 // Deadline To Apply is May 24nd
    • Fall 2018: September 1 – November 30 // *Applications not open yet
  • Applications open for California & Oregon locations (Lorina is in Southern California and Samantha lives in Portland)

Time Invested:

  • 5-10 hours a week (if you need more hours for school we can find you some fun projects)
  • We’ll be working together in digitally with occasional meetups and adventures
  • We require you to do a 1-hour learning a week (where you can watch ted talks, skillshare videos, listen to podcasts, or research any topic within our industry). The goal is for you to have a dedicated time to learn what you love.


Why You Should Apply:

  • This is a fun school credit internship!
  • You get to be a part of a community that believes in living life intentionally
  • Lots of learning on a variety of subjects from social media, photography, blogging, marketing, working with brands, etc
  • Learn how we operate from different tools we use to different marketing techniques
  • Networking opportunities


We are looking for:

  • Ladies who are passionate about grâce belle
  • People who are in a related major
  • Kind hearts & Cheerful spirits
  • Ones who can handle multiple priorities and is organized
  • Team players
  • Tech-Savvy ladies, let’s see those iPhones 😉
  • We work remotely so answering emails and communication promptly is a requirement
  • Two most important requirements is meeting deadlines and communication


Our Brands:

Grace Belle | Website | Instagram

“Community & Lifestyle brand for women that is divided into 4 Personas/Categories; The Creative, The Adventurer, The Sweetheart & The Fashionista.”


Pixie Darlings | Website | Instagram

“Disney influencer brand ran from California, with an eye for creative photography.”


Blogger Studios | Website | Instagram

“Blog training academy with resources in launching a blog.”


**We also work with a handful of clients in Social Media which you’ll get a chance to get involved in.




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