An Instagram Guide To The Saguaro – Palm Springs

Once we stumbled upon The Saguaro‘s mystic, colorful, insanely-beautiful Instagram, we knew that we had to visit. We reached out to them, and soon enough an amazing trip was formed. Within the span of a couple days we had planned, packed, and hit the road- headed East to Palm Springs. Here’s our photo guide to The Saguaro Hotel- the top places to take those Instagram worthy pics, as well as our favorite delicious treats to indulge in on your visit.


Nestled amidst the hustle and bustle desert life of Palm Springs, surrounded by both palm trees and mountains alike, The Saguaro welcomed us with colorful doors and a gorgeous entryway. We pulled up in our little blue car, filled to the brim with pool floaties, sundresses, and high expectations. When you arrive at their doorstep with a giant flamingo floatie, you’ll feel the exact same way.

As we entered the equally beautiful interior, we found ourselves surrounded by California boho-chic designs complete with electric cacti, rainbow rugs, and a ping-pong table that we spent a considerable amount of time at (chasing the ping pong balls around the lobby). Everyone and everything, for that matter, was so incredibly welcoming and bright. Vacation vibes at their finest.

TIP: You can take a complimentary bike out for a spin around the neighborhood! The first 2 hours are free!

After depositing our loads of colorful possessions in our hotel room, we sped off in the direction of the pool. After all, it was 106 degrees. Cooling off in any sort of water became our group mantra. We didn’t have to look far before our eyes met the tranquil turquoise waters with other swimmers lazily floating and chatting. We joined them with our giant flamingo floaty and lounged for the remainder of the afternoon.

TIP: You MUST get the watermelon cup! Ask for it at the bar. It’s a perfect addition to any meal or photo for that matter!

We dried off and occasionally wandered around the grounds, seeking shade like true Californians. Right next to the pool is a lawn lined with cozy hammocks and bean bag chairs. A wall of gorgeous orange flowers peeks behind lawn chairs which make for perfect Summer photos. Grab lots of blankets and go get comfy!

Now for the main event, FOOD. This is some of the tastiest cuisines we’ve ever have the pleasure of eating. The colorful plates make for perfect grams for you foodies out there. All the food pictured is from the resort’s main restaurant, El Jefe. Their specialty is tacos- amazingly crisp, fresh, delicious tacos that are perfect for warm Summer nights. Paired with a watermelon margarita, there isn’t a care in the world. After all, the best place to enjoy a refreshing drink is poolside.

The atmosphere is everything. As frequent nappers, breakfast-in-bed enthusiasts, and bed-jumpers, we give our bedroom a ten on the atmosphere scale. Our purple room was perfect for all our Instagram shenanigans. As we first skipped into our room with utter delight and anticipation, we were greeted with ice-cold La Croix, stunning magazines, fluffy white robes, and an eye-opening view of the pool and adjacent courtyard. The next morning, we ordered our favorite breakfast food, highly anticipating a piping hot cuppa joe with our eggs and bacon. We stuffed our faces, and in true Grace Belle fashion, took aesthetically pleasing Instagram pics- featuring our hands as we commenced with said face-stuffing. It’s not hard to make this place look good.

Lastly, before we parted ways with our new favorite hotel, we wandered around, and to our delight, found an array of colorful doors lined up all symmetrical and gorgeous. We danced around, took dozens of photos, and rushed off to the relief of our air-conditioned car, as the temperature was once again rising. We said our farewell to our new escape. We are definitely planning our trip back soon! We hope that these photos have inspired you for your next sojourn to Palm Springs. May you visit, eat, sleep, and conquer. The Saguaro was the best escape.

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