Happily Ever Etched

Company Name: Happily Ever Etched
Address: 8028 Beach Blvd. Suite B, Buena Park, CA 90620
Business Hours: 
Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday 10am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed
1) Background Story:

After Charles and I met spontaneously through mutual friends in 2010, we quickly saw that we shared the same passions, creative vibes and an entrepreneurial mindset. At the time, Charles was running a small family owned business that carried upscale gift & decor items, while I was studying Visual Communications– We saw the opportunity to combine our forces and instantly become a driven duo of talents. We started offering engraving services within Charles’ shop as an add on option for customers to give an extra special touch by personalizing them! We offered modern designs to be engraved onto well known designer products and quickly saw a growth of interest. We always thought it would be so great to offer our products and services online for people all over the world to find and shop via the Internet.

In 2012, while I was in school completing my Bachelor’s degree – one of the projects for a Marketing class was to help a local small business improve their marketing practices. Going with the obvious choice, I chose my own business to be the focus of this project. With two classmates, we came up with an idea to list our products and engraving service online. The goal was to bring exposure to the store by creating an online presence. With a little research, we came across a marketplace called Etsy! Knowing very little about the site at the time, we decided to give it a try. Came up with a name, listed few of our best selling products, started social media accounts for the new online shop and waited for our first sale.. that came shortly after!

From the beginning of our journey, one constant is our passion. We have seen such growth from this little shop that came to light thanks to a school project! Our passion is what keeps us going and growing. From doing all the work ourselves, we now have five employees an engraving product line of nearly 400 different variations, expanded into a laser cutting line, implemented a wholesale program, plus a brick and mortar shop!


2) How did you pick your business name?
Happily Ever Etched just kind of popped into our minds when we thought of words that described our brand and products! We like to think that our products will serve not only as pretty decor and gifts but also as special mementos to commemorate a special occasion or event.

3) How You Are Different:
We take such pride in the products we produce and every detail of each order is so important to us. Just knowing that with every item we create will make someone’s special event/occasion that much better is what makes our craft completely worth it! With a specialty in wedding related items, our items are unforgettable keepsakes for the couple or person to enjoy even after the event is over.

4) What is your best seller?
One of our most popular items is our exclusive “Hashtag Bridesmaids’ Champagne Flutes”


5) What are your future goals?
We’d love to see Happily Ever Etched boutiques throughout the country! That would be amazing!


6) Do you have seasonal items and when should we look for them?
Yes! The coolest part about our products is that they can always be customized for any occasion, event or season! You can definitely count us specially designed products during popular seasons.

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