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GUYS! I’M SO EXCITED to discover glasses that protect your eyes from screen time! As an entrepreneur, and working for a remote marketing company on the side, I have been spending WAY to much time in front of a screen. Working in a social media world means over 10 hours a day on my laptop, ipad, and phone and my eyes were starting to feel it. My left eye kept twitching towards the end of the day so I was so happy when I stumbled across a solution. I wanted to share this with you since I know there are many of you in our community that are entrepreneurs and tend to work on your laptops often.

You can buy these glasses over at, use our link and get $10 off! The website also sells prescription glasses and non-prescription lenses. You first choose your frame and then you can choose what lenses you want and they customize it for you. For you fashionistas, I recommend the Digital Screen Protection lenses, you can learn more about it here: (if you go to the site with this link be sure to use the coupon ‘IFVTYZAYPK’ at checkout for your $10 off).

To be honest, I’ve been wanting a pair of glasses lately as an accessory, *thank you trends for getting to me*. I ended up purchasing two pairs, both with Screen Protection Lenses (I got the basic one) annnd two cases. Here are the links to the exact ones:


Cases: RFLKT-Chestnut & Nolita-Powdered Rose (see at checkout)

Glasses: Shade in Warm Tortoise and Chilling in Black

Coupon code for $10: IFVTYZAYPK (**Disclaimer: we also get $10 when someone purchases.)


Tag us on instagram @GraceBelle if you get a pair! I’d love to see different ones!

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