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We’ve been wanting to create a campaign revolving around our Sweetheart persona for some time. The Sweetheart persona is all about kindness, hospitality, and loyalty. She enjoys creating a loving, meaningful space for those she cares about. She takes joy in writing encouraging letters or sending vibrant homegrown bouquets from her garden to her family and friends. She spends her weekends in her kitchen, cooking and baking her favorite delicious goods for small gatherings hosted in her backyard. Cuddling up in her favorite blanket during chilly nights on the porch calls for reading her favorite lines of poetry. In light of who she is, we decided to create a campaign rooted in spring time, focusing on ways we can be more like her. Here’s a brief breakdown of the coming weeks, complete with weekly challenges!

May 7-12: Food

Something amazing happens when we sit down together to share a meal. Gathered around a table, we are all equals. Through the ingredients on our plates, we share a common connection to the Earth and to each other. Breaking bread together breaks down barriers and builds connections.

  • Challenge: Put together a picnic for friends, acquaintances and even strangers! Food is a great way to spend quality time with those around you! For ideas on a simple picnic take a look at our Trader Joes blog post.
  • Tag us at @GraceBelle & #FoodFlowersFriends to share your story!

May 14-19: Flowers

The basis of service is opening your heart to lighten someone’s load or improve a situation. Flowers are an easy way to brighten someone’s day and this week we encourage you to go out of your way to give flowers to someone. 

  • Challenge: Buy a few bouquets of flowers and hand them out to people to brighten their day! Remember, a simple act of kindness goes a long way. Bonus points for giving them to a stranger.
  • Tag us at @GraceBelle & #FoodFlowersFriends to share your story!

May 21-26: Friends

This week is about being spontaneous, treasuring simple moments and mostly focusing on nostalgic friendships before technology. Spending quality time with friends and creating meaningful relationships.

  • Challenge: Gather a few friends and do something simple together like riding bikes at the beach, dangling your feet over a pier, having brunch or anything of the sorts. Be in the moment, drop your walls and get to know your friends deeper. This is the time to invest in friendships.
  • Tag us at @GraceBelle & #FoodFlowersFriends to share your story!



We’re also having an event to celebrate the campaign! Come join us for a picnic and bonfire Sunday, May 6th at Balboa Pier in Newport. The event is free and open to you and your friends!

Bring your own blanket and picnic food, but we do have a few sponsors for treats such as Sidecar Doughnuts for delicious doughnuts, and Dough & Arrow for cookies!

We’re meeting at Balboa Pier in Newport at the grass area! We’d LOVE to see you!

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