Fashionista of the Month: Tiana Lewis

Fashionista of the Month

-Tiana Lewis-

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1) We would love to get to know you more. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi guys! I’m Tiana—originally from Omaha, Nebraska and currently living in the beautiful city of Nashville, Tennessee (but, not before making a quick detour for college at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas). If it’s specific titles you’re after, you could say that I’m an optimist, editorial assistant for an online publication, and all-around creative. I love intentional conversation with others, hosting a good party, and anything that allows me to step outside of my creative comfort zones.

2) When did you first become interested in fashion?
I don’t know that it was ever about fashion in particular, but more the appeal and individuality of personal style. For as long as I can remember, I was always one to dress up—for school, for dinner, anything really—and I always wore what I loved, regardless of what other thought. I was enamored with the idea that putting your best foot—and outfit—forward could drastically increase your confidence and shift your mood. Over the years, I’ve allowed myself to fall in love with different aspects of fashion—beautiful garments, timeless accessories, etc—but I wouldn’t say that I’m super in-the-know about the industry itself. That tends to get a bit surface-level for me.

3) What is your favorite place to shop and why?
I tend to shop mostly online, and have currently been super intentional about only buying things I absolutely love. That said, I’ve been keen to hunting around Etsy for the perfect pair of vintage Levi’s. Otherwise, you can find be on websites like: Two Son, Doen, and Zara (for trendier, seasonal pieces).

4) What is your must have accessory?
Hands down, a classic pair of gold earrings. You’ll almost always find me in my Jenny Bird Edie Hoops or my Laura Lombardi Curve Earrings. They go with absolutely everything.

5) What is your favorite season and why?
It’s a tossup. I love the fall for so many reasons: the crisp, clean air, the reintroduction of your favorite sweater, and all of the seasonal happenings. But, there’s also something life-giving about the spring and rolling your windows down for the first time after a long winter.

6) Who is your main fashion inspiration?
Recently, I’ve been super into minimalist influencers. People like Elora, Joshi, and Haley Boyd. They have different “looks” but they both are highly intentional about what they wear and share, which I love. I discover so much inspiration from so many different people, it’s hard to choose just one.

7) What does your typical day look like?
I wake up around 5:30 a.m. and head to a morning workout. Most recently, it’s a Sculpt class at Corepower Yoga to sweat out all of the toxins, and get my day started on the right foot. I’ll come home, make myself breakfast, and spend the next 30 minutes or so writing intentions, meditating, and consciously starting my day in the most positive light possible. I truly believe that a good start sets you up for success.

I’ll then shower and get ready to head into the office by 10:30 a.m. Once there, almost the entirety of my day is spent working on content—writing, culling images, editing photos, etc. I leave work everyday by 5:00 p.m., make dinner once I’m home, and spend time with loved ones (whether it’s heading out for a drink, or catching up on a favorite television show). I always try to allow myself time to read at least one chapter in a book a night, and always try to be in bed by 10 p.m.

8) What are your future goals, in general?
Working in corporate and now working in a smaller environment, I’ve come to realize that I’d love to be my own boss someday. So, I am currently starting to slowly lay the foundation in order to do that someday. I’d also love to travel more. Travel is such a gift, and I’d love to treat myself and my loved ones to that more.

9) What makes you feel beautiful?
I think I feel most beautiful in an outfit that I absolutely love—I feel like my best self.

10) What makes your heart beat?
It’s hard to even narrow it down. Fighting for racial equality, the ocean, creating and capturing beautiful moments, a thought-provoking book, a familiar song, driving with the windows down, a touching part in a movie that makes me cry, seeing my loved ones happy—to name only a few.

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