Fashionista of the Month: Hannah Read

Fashionista OF The Month:

-Hannah Read-

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1. When did you first become interested in fashion?
I first became interested in fashion during my freshman/sophomore year in high school. I knew it was what I wanted to study in college and to do as my career since then!

2. If you had to pick one store to shop at for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That is so hard!! I would have to choose Nordstrom because they have so many options and all the latest trends – as well as basic, staple pieces! (Zara is a close second choice though;))

3. What is your must have accessory?
My must have accessory is my Kate Spade handbag. My oversized-light pink KSNY purse was gifted to me from my boyfriend for Christmas one year and I have been using it as my daily bag since then! This perfectly pink Kate Spade New York bag has become one of my staples!
4. Who is your main fashion inspiration?
My main fashion inspiration changes SO OFTEN! Right now, I am loving Christine Andrew of HelloFashionBlog! She has the perfect balance of comfortable and cool athletic wear with classy, feminine outfits. As a college student, I am definitely balancing the dressed up days with the dressed down days! She and her husband also go on the coolest photo shoots with these elaborate outfits (her in a fab gown and him in a sharp-looking suit) – MAJOR INSPO!
5. What does your typical day look like?
A typical day in my life involves two or more of the following activities: going to classes, working at Nordstrom, working on my blog, dance team practice, and working on a never-ending pile of homework. In between all of that, I love getting coffee & going on photo shoots with my friends, Facetime dates with my boyfriend, shopping online, & planning trip itineraries (that I may or may not ever actually go on lol!)
6. What are your future goals for your personal brand?
Although I plan on getting my degree in Fashion Merchandising & continuing my career path with Nordstrom, blogging will always be my job. I never thought I would be making money on blogging or be growing as much as I have this past year. I began blogging purely for fun & to share my style and life, so this past year of growth and working for/with great brands that I love has been SO AMAZING.
My future goals are just to keep working and hopefully continue to work with brands. I want to be able to work in the fashion industry with a great company while still blogging and bringing my readers and followers along with me! I am so excited to see where Blissfully Brunette goes & what is next for me as a blogger!
7. What makes you feel beautiful?
To some, it may seem silly, but the reason I love working in fashion is because sometimes confidence comes from feeling GREAT in what you’re wearing. I love wearing a new outfit and feeling confident and BEAUTIFUL! I know that my confidence does not come from what I wear or how I look. But when I can feel confident about an outfit I put together and can wear well, I feel beautiful.
8. What makes your heart beat? What do you believe in, stand for, and want to tell others about?
I want others to feel confident and beautiful and loved! I hope that whenever someone leaves my blog whether they were reading a post, looking for outfit inspo, or just browsing at pictures, that they feel encouraged and inspired. If I help someone feel good about themselves, I’ll feel like my writing/pictures/website has done its job and I’ve done mine. I want others to know that they can find inspiration from others and in turn be an inspiration to someone else. We can all choose love & positivity in every situation!

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