Fabric: Woven VS Knit

woven vs knit

Tun Tun Tunnnnnnn! Let the battle begin! Which one is better? The truth is they both have benefits over the other.

One of my favorite classes I took has been Textile Science at Cal Poly Pomona with Deborah Young. I didn’t even realize how much there is to know about different fabrics and fibers. This is the one class I would take over and over again and make flashcards for just for fun.

It also happened that the author of our textbook, Swatch Reference Guide for Fashion Fabrics, was my teacher so I learned from the best!

Okay lets get started with some basics, here are the basic structures of the two. There are many variations within these but it is usually easy to tell if it’s knit or woven, especially with a magnifying glass.

(Photo from the textbook, Figure 12.1)

Benefits of Knit Fabrics;

  • Stretches better, oh you know those cozy sweaters you have?
  • Warmer and retains heat
  • Drapes better, knit dresses can be soo comfortable

Benefits of Woven Fabrics;

  • Creates structure, blazers ladies!
  • Lighter weight
  • Wind resistant

How do you tell the different between the two? It’s in the structure of the yarns to create the fabric. Wovens are on a square grid while knits are loops. Can you tell the difference? Can you identify your shirt right now, is it a knit or a woven?


Hope that was helpful 🙂




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