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Earlier this week we reminisced about our trip to Orlando and shared with you all our adventures in Epcot. Today we are sharing our tips, tricks, and experiences from out time at the Happiest Place On Earth. The Magic Kingdom has always been a place that I have longed to visit. I’ve been told it’s enormous compared to Disneyland, and its entertainment opportunities are extensive. I’ve longed to see the epic Happily Ever After fireworks show, gaze up upon Cinderella’s Castle, and ride the attractions that are entirely unique to Walt Disney World. As someone who has grown up going to California’s Disneyland, I was intentionally looking for attractions that are unique to WDW, but also are exciting, E-ticket attractions that are worth the wait. So without further ado, here are our five trip highlights from our magical day.

Gaston’s Tavern

We are avid fans of Beauty and the Beast, and when we heard there was a specific area designated for Gaston and the crew from the movie, we had to see this for ourselves. Sure enough, every detail in this small provincial town did not disappoint. From the earthy tones of the French buildings, to the statue of Gaston flexing above a fountain- every detail was spot on. There was even a Maurice popcorn cart! Inside Gaston’s tavern, delicious cinnamon rolls and refreshing Lefou’s Brew awaited us. It was all magnificently enchanting. The only disappointing feature was that Gaston, who normally greeted his adoring fans in the square, was no where to be found, as it was pouring down rain.

Storybook Circus

We were so surprised, amidst our wandering around the resort in the rain, to see an entire land dedicated to the original flying elephant and his circus gang. In addition to the traditional Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride, there was the Casey Jr. Soak N Splash Station, which was mysteriously busy considering the fact that it was already pouring. Underneath a towering striped canvas tent was the Big Top Treats shop, which boasts of tasty circus snacks. We snatched a few for ourselves before gathering up our courage and braving the monsoon-type weather. This land was a magnificent tribute to one of Walt Disney’s first films.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This by far was one of my favorite attractions in the resort. This recent addition to Fantasyland takes you on a ride through the seven dwarfs’ infamous diamond mines. It’s a roller coaster that does not disappoint. You begin in the mines, surrounded by gleaming jewels and precious stones, while the hokey notes of “Hi ho” are being sung by the dwarfs picking away at their treasure. The ride takes you up, up, and up, until you are set outside the mine, and soon find yourself cascading down the mountain. The technology itself is something to boast about. The ride was so smooth- definitely the smoothest, most comfortable roller coaster I’ve been on to date. I highly recommend it. Tip: Definitely reserve your fast pass for this attraction! The wait was extremely long due it its popularity, and with our fast pass reservation, our wait was very short.

Liberty Square

This colonial style square made me feel like I was transported back to Williamsburg, Virginia. The architecture was stately, complete with bricks and a replica of the Liberty Bell itself. This land, which is entirely absent in Disneyland, is an homage to the Founding Fathers and citizens of the 13 colonies that fought for freedom and independence in New England. In this land stands the Hall of Presidents, the Haunted Mansion, and the Liberty Belle paddlewheel boat that transports its guest back to the 1800’s and around the resort. When I first saw the boat, I immediately thought it was the Mark Twain Riverboat- just like the one in Disneyland. I love how unique this section of the park is, and its presence definitely made me flashback to my school days when I craved American history. This land is definitely worth checking out. Tip: Head over to the Liberty Tree Tavern, which is adorably decorated, and have yourself some chicken pot pie. It’s worth it- I promise.

The Swiss Family Robinson Tree House

Now this used to be an attraction in Disneyland, but would soon become Tarzan’s Treehouse- an eerily similar experience, but perhaps a bit updated. I was too little to remember it when it was in Disneyland, but I heard about how nostalgic it was to the original 1960 film. The story followed a family shipwrecked in the East Indies, and had a resourceful way of making this deserted island their home. They created a magnificent treehouse with swings, hammocks, vines, and more. As a California native, I was so glad to see this in the Magic Kingdom. Now it’s nothing amazing as far as spectacle goes, but it wins as far as nostalgia and that good old-timey feeling.

That’s it! Our five highlights of the Magic Kingdom. Five entirely unique things (at least unique from a Californian’s perspective) that are fun, nostalgic, and magical. We highly recommend all you tourists out there to check these attractions out. If you visit WDW anytime soon, we’d love to see photos from your adventures! Tag us #gracebelle and #gracebelleadventures. ?

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