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One of our favorite aspects of this brand is putting on creative events and connecting with you! As you may have noticed most of our events are one of a kind, each one themed around our 4 personas (the Creative, the Adventurer, the Sweetheart, & the Fashionista).

The reason we started grace belle was because we were tired of seeing people being miserable working long hours in jobs they hated. These people fell into a cycle of doing life but not really living it. We don't believe we were created to constantly be burning out from overworking and instead we want to inspire people to;

  • Be Creative: Try something new, you'll be surprised at what you're good at with a little practice
  • Be Adventurous: Explore your city or go on a spontaneous roadtrip this weekend
  • Gather with Loved ones: Put on a good meal, a great playlist, and invite your friends over for a dinner
  • Be Confident: You can do it, follow that inching of your heart and be the boss lady you were made to be
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