DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

I made one of these Wall Hangings for a Grace Belle event a while ago and ended up leaving it at the coffee shop that hosted our event. It was fun for the next few weeks to see people take different photos with it and I heard many asked for how it was made SO I decided to write a tutorial for it. It’s actually pretty simple and once you get the hang of it (pun intended) you can mix up colors and patterns.

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Scissors // Yarn // Dowel (I purchased them all from Michaels)


1. Find a book or box that you can wrap your yarn around
2. Hold it in place and wrap it around
3. When it looks like a good size cut off the bottom string and cut 2 extra strings (can be a dif color) to wrap it with
4. Carefully use your thumb to pull off the yarn from the book

5. Slip the hanging yarn through the loop and tie a knot
6. Cut the bottom loop
7. Tie the other yarn piece around. Side note, we use to make dolls this way back in Romania! This was the head ?
8. Cut off the excess yarn and tuck it in the back. Tassel done!

9.Watch your fav Netflix show while making the rest. ? Make two of each color except for your middle one.
10. Lie all the tassels down on the table to create a pattern and make sure the hanging strings are long enough.
11. Tie them to the wood dowel and put a piece of tape to hold it in place. Then tie a long string on each side of the dowel to hang it.

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