DIY Wood Pallet American Flag

Memorial Day is exactly 1 week away from today which means it’s time for barbecues, pool parties, and all things red, white, and blue. The other day I was searching the interwebs for some patriotic decorations for both Memorial Day and the 4th of July and I saw these super cute wood pallet American Flags retailing online for over $100 a pop and I was like “girl bye” I can make one for under $20. So I put my DIY cap on and made myself one, you could totally make this to any side based on the wood pallet that you find and use it for so many different things. This would be perfect for a photo backdrop, or hang it up on your wall, or just lay it out by the pool for this summer season. Follow along for the full DIY and enjoy!

Materials Needed:

1 Wood Pallet

Red, White, and Blue paint (this DIY actually ended up using way less paint than I had anticipated so you can just get the smaller size bottles)

A variety of paint brushes

Newspaper (for an easy/mess free cleanup)



Star stencil (I made my own by tracing a star shape onto cardboard and cutting it out with an x-acto knife) but you could totally freehand the stars if you want


1. First you’re going to map out the layout of your flag. I started off by penciling in a square in the upper left corner of my pallet for the blue starry portion of the flag. After creating that square outline I mapped out the stripes, to do this I just used the width of my ruler to create evenly spaced stripes so I ended up having a little more than 13 stripes (But let’s just keep that between you and me).

2. Next I painted in the blue square, it’s important to do this first that way it can dry while you paint the red stripes.

3. After painting the blue area go ahead and paint out your red stripes. I left the areas in between the red stripes that would traditionally be white the natural wood because I wanted the edges on the red stripes to have a natural/rustic look.

4. And lastly I painted my 50 stars using my star stencil, white paint, and thinnest brush I could find.

Born and raised in sunny Southern California I am a recent graduate from FIDM where I earned my AA in visual communications and now I am currently enrolled at Saddleback college majoring in graphic design. Some things I love include (but are not limited to): Jesus, people, baking, eating, exploring, and all things Disney ?

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