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Today’s post is a quick and easy DIY that I know you’ll love. Since I’m heading off to college this fall, I’m in the market for some dorm decor. I absolutely love the look of wall hangings, but many of the options I’ve found are extremely pricey (Urban Outfitters I’m looking at you). I also didn’t want to use a loom as those are a little more labor intensive. So, in order to stay within my budget but still give my room an eclectic/boho vibe, I decided to make my own!

All you need is yarn of your choice, a wooden dowel rod (I purchased one and cut it in half), scissors, some cardboard, and your creativity;)

The first step is to cut your piece of cardboard down so that it is the proper length to wrap your tassels. I just eyeballed it but I’d say my cardboard was a little less than a foot.

Next, begin to wrap the yarn around the cardboard, paying attention to how many times you wrap it around. This ensures that when you go to make the rest of your tassels, they all have the same thickness.

Once you reach your desired thickness, gather one side of the yarn together and cut all the way through. You should end up with an arch shaped bundle. Pretty easy so far, right? Told ya;)

Next, you’ll want to grab that dowel rod (you could even use a small tree branch or twig to get and even rougher, more rustic vibe!) and place it on TOP of your yarn bundle so that you have a small loop at the top of the rod. In order to create the knot, all you’re going to do is a basic slip knot. Just gather the long ends and pull them through the little loop at the top and pull tightly.

Now you can repeat this process with another color of yarn or keep it monochrome with all one color! The final step is to cut the yarn in a V shape. Or, you can leave it all one length!

If you want something less minimal and more bohemian, then you can try something similar to what I did on my second dowel rod. I began with a big tassel strand, which is much easier than it looks. All you have to do is a ‘mini’ version of what we did for the first wall hanging. I just made mini tassels on the shorter side of my cardboard and tied them to a piece of string. Then I just tied that to my dowel and added all sorts of different ribbon and yarn. I think adding some metallic ribbon or even lace would make this one look lovely!

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY and try it out for yourself! It’s so simple and very adaptable to the look your going for! Happy crafting!


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