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If you are like me, then you probably love changing up your bedroom and coming up with new creative ways to decorate! Well that is why I am here today! One really simple way to change the entire look of your room is by adding some new pillows to your bed! But as we all know, cute throw pillows and cases can get to be a bit expensive when trying to find the right look you are going for!

My solution to this problem is to simply make your own! For this post, I am going to be showing you some very easy DIY Designs to make your own creative and unique pillow cases!

All you will be needing for this DIY is some acrylic paint (I bought mine from Target and I absolutely ADORE these pastel colors), white pillow cases, and some paint brushes! Oh and some paper or cardboard to put inside the pillowcase while painting- this is super important!

Overall, this DIY is mainly up to you on the creativity aspect of it! Do whatever designs, colors, and patterns your heart desires!

Now as I stated before, make sure that you place something inside the pillowcase while painting (cardboard, an old magazine, paper, etc.) or else the paint will leak through! Trust me, I learned the hard way ?

I did some pretty simple designs: teal triangles, pink aztec stripes,  light blue stripes, and yellow polkadots!

And thats all there is to it! I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY and can channel your inner Creative Persona while doing this activity!



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I am currently a Christian Ministries Major at Biola University! I am from Orange County, California. I find my passion in people! I love getting to know others and their stories, helping those around me in any way I can, and making someone smile! I also enjoy all things creative! I love to sing, play guitar, paint, and photography/videography! Another amazing thing I love about this world is traveling! I have been on missions trips, as well as the occasional vacations with my family. I love getting to explore new places and seeing new cultures I have never experienced before.

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