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Have you ever wanted to hang one of those cute and trendy garlands in your bedroom to add some more decor, but then checked the price tag to find that they are WAY too over priced? Well then, you have come to the right place! Today I am going to show you guys a very simple DIY fabric garland that you can make for super cheap! So let’s get started!

So all you will be needing for this DIY is some fabric (I bought mine from Hobby Lobby), scissors, twine or string, and a hot glue gun (if you do not have a glue gun, sewing, gluing, or stapling will work just fine)!

The first step is measuring how long you want your garland to be and cutting your twine to that size. Then, measure how many triangles you want and how big they will need to be. I was not very particular about the sizing of mine, so I just decided to have 8 of the grey fabric, and 7 of the pink.

When cutting the triangles out, you will want to make sure that your fabric is folded, making it look somewhat like a diamond shape. Think about it in comparison to when you used to make paper snowflakes in school as a kid! Just your shape off of the edge that is folded! With doing that you will be able to put the twine in the middle of your diamond shaped fabric. Glue down your piece of twine in order to help it stay in one place and so that the fabric will not slide around. Then, fold the triangle shape over the twine and glue the sides together, as shown in the image above.

After you do that, just keep repeating these steps with all of your fabric, and you are all done! It’s that simple! I love this DIY as it makes it so easy to personalize which fabrics you want to use and make it unique! I also would definitely recommend trying different shapes and sizing! Be CREATIVE!

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I am currently a Christian Ministries Major at Biola University! I am from Orange County, California. I find my passion in people! I love getting to know others and their stories, helping those around me in any way I can, and making someone smile! I also enjoy all things creative! I love to sing, play guitar, paint, and photography/videography! Another amazing thing I love about this world is traveling! I have been on missions trips, as well as the occasional vacations with my family. I love getting to explore new places and seeing new cultures I have never experienced before.

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