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Faux calligraphy is a great way to dip your toes in the waters of calligraphy. It comes in handy in so many different situations. Whether you are looking to write a beautiful handwritten note or create a sign for a New Year’s Eve party, by learning faux calligraphy you won’t need to spend the big bucks in order for it to be written beautifully. With that being said, even faux calligraphy can be trying. It takes a while to get used to, so if you get frustrated…that’s NORMAL! Keep at it! Alright, ready? Here we go!

All you will need today is a pen, paper, and a persistent attitude! I like to use the Pilot G-2 pen in black, but anything will work for today. You can even start out by using a pencil if you would like.


1. Pick a favorite phrase of yours that you want to practice with. Here are some of my favorites…

Enjoy the Little Things
Hello Gorgeous
Be Creative
Dare to Begin
Pray Continually

2. Write your phrase out with any form of connected lettering. This can be anything from formal cursive to sloppy handwriting. Everyone’s handwriting is unique, so here is your chance to show it off!


3. You now need to define all of your downstrokes. A downstroke is categorized by any line in which you are moving in a downward motion on your paper. You are going to add a line beside all of the downstrokes. This is what makes your faux calligraphy really come alive!


4. If you like the way the double line effect looks, leave it! I have used this style many times on wooden signs and envelopes. Otherwise, continue by filling in all of the downstrokes.


And there you have it! A beautifully, handwritten note. Keep practicing using different phrases and handwritten fonts. Soon you will be whipping out your calligraphy skills wherever you go!

Common Uses for Faux Calligraphy:
-Chalkboard Signs
-Painted Wooden Signs
-Snail Mail
-Party Invitations/Decor

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